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Academic Dean’s Desk

Prof.Nagraj SirAs iFeel continues to grow in prestige and excellence as a Business School, there has never been a better time to become a part of our distinctive learning community represented by bright and enthusiastic students guided by professorial excellence.

We are dedicated to developing a student’s potential as a tech-savvy leader who is comfortable with a connected world. As they strengthen their knowledge of global markets and understanding of how technology permeates every kind of business, they will gain the ability to spot emerging trends and capitalize on them for competitive advantage. As potential entrepreneurs or job seekers, students will find their experience at iFeel both enriching and extremely fulfilling over two years of intense learning.

Employers are always on the lookout for the most innovative problem-solvers. Our professors are cognizant of what students need to know in order to become leaders possessing an innovative and analytical mindset that propels them to the forefront of their chosen fields. Our students are known for their willingness to work hard and ability to be creative as well as their ability to lead with confidence and empathy instead of attitude. That’s why our students are so popular among corporate recruiters.

We are a dynamic school with an exciting mission. Our goal is to develop and nurture Leadership and Entrepreneurship excellence in our students through a well thought out program curriculum. At iFeel, we understand that in many ways a student represents a ‘Tabula Rasa’ or blank slate and our unique teaching pedagogy which is case study based helps to etch the right competencies and knowledge. Our programs feature an innovative and unusually flexible curriculum that allows students to explore entrepreneurial initiatives and grow holistically through engaging with the corporate world, social responsibility initiatives as well as sporting activity which is provided for on our brilliant residential campus at Lonavala.

Located strategically on the Mumbai – Pune Highway, iFeel is accessible to best of industry be it financial services, retail, manufacturing, and technology. There are so many exciting things happening in businesses in India and around the world. I invite you to engage with us and experience a truly world-class business education.

A.Nagaraj Subbarao
Dean – Academics & Professor (OB & HR)