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10 Types of People You Will Come Across on the First Day of Your College!

The first day of college is always memorable for all of us! Not only because that is where we start a brand new and exciting phase of our lives, but because of the numerous different types of characters that we come across on the very first day of our college!

Some of these characters we like, some amuse us and some astound us! But nevertheless, it is always etched on our memories, because it is the very first day of the most fun-filled phase of our lives.

Apart from our seniors, whom we purposely want to avoid on the first day of our college, for the fear of being ragged, below are the kinds of people we definitely come across on the first day of our college:


  1. The Universal Bhai – The instance this guy enters college; there will be a platoon of people after him. Not because of they adore him, but because he is the Bhai of the College


      2. The Socially Awkward – The secluded one, who will never be found in a group, but will be alone standing,        alone interacting with only his/her mobile phone!


   3. The Studios Kid – Just like your school, you will definitely find the one who will be glued to the books and will      only talk about lectures and exams, no matter how much you try to avoid the conversation


4.The Rich Spoilt Kid – Such kid will come to college in a big and fancy car and won’t care much about the   grades. Why should they?


5.The Sporty Ones – Every college will have such characters that will be only found in the basketball court, or  playing some game or the other, making you wonders “when does he attend the class?”



6. The Bodybuilder – The gym lover, the only thing such people will be good at is stretching and exercising and  you can’t expect much conversation with him.


 7.The Attention-Seeker – This category will specifically involve the girls, who will come to college in the most flashy dress and high heels!


  8.The Professional Bunker – This person will be never seen in the class, but will always be spotted in the   campus, hanging around with some group or the other!


 9.The Talented One – The guitarist, singer or dancer, such characters will always be flocked with others appreciating their talents and them flaunting them!



 10.The Protester – These people like to exercise their right and protest against anything and everything. They will usually have good intentions, only to be carried away by protests and marches for any reason whatsoever!



If you come across such array of characters in one day, I bet you can never forget that day all your life. this is the major reason why the first day of college always remains memorable to us!


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