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Be At The Other Side Of The Table

As Japan is known as “the land of the rising sun”, it is said that they do not grow kids over there; they grow future entrepreneurs. Every kid in Japan is instilled and brought up with the motive of creating something new and better than the others. The creative side is enhanced and children are taught “How to think and ...

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Are You Ready To Nail Your PI Round For MBA

The season of admissions is on and every candidate who has cracked his entrance examination is looking forward to appear and clear the personal interview round. Students tend to not to consider this stage as a very important aspect of admission, however in this round a student is evaluated on more than his pedagogical achievements. The panel sitting for the ...

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What An MBA Aspirant Should Look For In A B-School


An MBA aspirant works in full zeal to crack various entrance examinations and after fulfilling the criteria decided by the B-School a candidate gets an opportunity to study in the desired B-School, which is most probably a top B-School. But before you are deciding to enroll in any B-School you should consider your aspirations and difference that institution is going ...

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Rules To Crack Your GD Round!

When it comes to cracking a personal interview or a group discussion for an organization – institute, you are evaluated on more than your bookish knowledge or the percentage your mark sheet holds. Organizations and institutions desire individuals with something more than the pedagogic achievements, the purpose of conducting a group discussion is to evaluate and judge the interpersonal and ...

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Think Before You Choose A Right B-School

It becomes really confusing for a candidate to select the best suited B-School between the ample amount of B-Schools. A student should look beyond the ranking criteria before choosing any B-School because there are certain aspects which should be considered thoroughly before getting into any B- School. These factors should include: Faculty: It is very important to learn from an ...

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We Believe In Creating Leaders


Before selecting any B-School you should take a look around and evaluate your possibilities of achieving a great career on the grounds of the growing requirements of multinational organizations today and act accordingly. Today every multinational organization looks for candidates with the potential to perform on an international platform. If candidates want to excel in their careers they should look ...

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Why Placement Record Matters?

Do you provide campus placement? This is the first question candidates have on the tip of their tongues while applying for a management programs in any B-School. The motive of acquiring an MBA degree is to enter the corporate world in flying colors, every candidate dreams of having a job in hand before bidding goodbye the college campus forever. For ...

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Residential Campus Learning Is An Important Component


Residential learning comes with the most cherishing experience to students and also pulls them out from the life of their comfort zones and teaches them wonderful lessons for a lifetime. Residential learning program gives a boost to student’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. People come from diversities under one roof and share the moments of joy and sorrows together. Residential campus ...

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iFEEL: Your Destination For A Better Future


With the changing world, where developed countries are rapidly taking its troll over the markets of developing countries or underdeveloped countries, these countries have the overwhelming potential of the market growth. In 1980s the concept of merging markets was introduced by Japanese and this process was termed as ‘Glocalization’ which means Glocalization serve as the means of combining the idea ...

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Learn Through International Experience


In Japan people have too much of work pressure, employees aren’t allowed to take a vacation even for a week, where as in Germany and Spain there is no havoc of overtime, family is given priority and work does not affect one’s personal life. There are plenty of such believable and unbelievable facts around the globe. Every country has its ...

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