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Demand for PGDM Course in India

2 year PGDM course

A number of PGDM colleges have mushroomed in the country during the last decade. Employers in India and overseas, are on a lookout for PGDM graduates. People perceive a PGDM course, as an entry pass to some of the top notch corporate companies. What is PGDM Program? Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year course for graduate students. Unlike ...

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Why Should You Study at iFEEL Institute of Management, Lonavala

Management College

The number of management aspirants in the country is increasing with each passing year. Also, management education is going through an interesting transformation. Presently, India has more than 4500 management colleges. It is a very tedious task for the students to choose the right management college to pursue an MBA or PGDM course. iFEEL Institute in Pune has proved to ...

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What Skills does Management Education Give You ?

Management Education

Management college teaches you a number of things in a short span of two years. You remember those experiences for an entire lifetime. Management skills do not only mean the jargons and nuances of the business world. It is about mastering some of the key skills that will help you in your professional as well as personal life. It is ...

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Is Management Education Necessary to be Successful in Business?

Management Education

Management education has become a trend among the young generation and their parents. In the last decade, a large number of management colleges have mushroomed in the country. Every student aims to pursue MBA or PGDM, irrespective of the educational background or interests. However, do we really require management study of be successful, rich or reach a top notch position ...

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Things to Do After Getting Admission in a B-School

B-School Management

Your future seems promising once you get an entry into a reputed B-School. You may feel secure and happy. However, admission in a management school is just the beginning. There is a long way to go. You have to work hard for the next two years if you aspire to make it big for yourself. Let’s look at what you ...

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How to Get Return on Your PGDM Program Investment

PGDM Program Investment

Management education is going through a transformation phase in India. It is easily accessible to people of almost every city, educational or social background. Experienced professionals as well as young graduates are opting for an MBA or PGDM program. Did you ever try to find out the reason behind this MBA mania? Why management education? A number of companies offer ...

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How to Crack GD and PI at Management Colleges?

GD and PI at Management Colleges

The admission season of management colleges proves to be traumatic for the young graduates. Every year, students experience sleepless nights. They often focus more on aptitude and general knowledge. However, the irony is that only being good with numbers cannot get you a seat in a management program. Every management institute expects students to possess very sharp communication skills. The ...

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10 Unwritten Rules of a Management College

IFEEL Management College

Along with the admission card to a management college, you get a rule book. It tells you about the Do’s and Don’ts for the next two years. However, you need to read between the lines. There are certain untold rules of a management institute that one needs to follow throughout the journey towards getting a management degree. 1. Grades are ...

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How can HR Manager Contribute to Business Success?

Contribution of HR in Business Success

HRM plays a key role in the success of the business. The HR department is the link between the employees and the higher management. The employees and the employer both need HR in the organization. An organization, without Human Resource Managers will face numerous issues. Let’s understand the contribution of the HR department to the business. Hire the right person ...

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