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Key Personality Traits of an Operations Manager

Key Personality Traits of an Operations Manager

Operations management is one of the most sought after career options in India. This unconventional career choice is not only monetarily rewarding, but also helps to earn recognition in your organization. An operations manager contributes to the company to a very great extent. In order to work as an operations manager, you need to earn a management degree in operations. ...

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What Do Management Colleges Expect from the Applicants

PGDM college

PGDM admissions are in full swing for the year 2017. Every management aspirant wants to get admission in the top college. However, colleges have to reject a large number of admission applications and only a few of them are accepted. Many students fail to understand that management education does not test your memory; it tests your ability to learn new ...

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7 Reasons Management Students Should have Their Own Start-Up

Reasons Management Students Should have Their Own Start-Up

A number of management students in India are embarking on their entrepreneurship journey because of the profits and perks that a start-up offers. Many of them refuse to work with the top notch companies at lucrative packages so that they can implement their business ideas. These youngsters not only want to be managers, but also entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the ...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PGDM – iFEEL Institute of Management

Frequently Asked Questions for PGDM

Following are the answers to the various frequently asked questions regarding iFEEL’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management: Question 1. What do you mean by AICTE approved PGDM program? Answer: AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is a statutory body and a national-level council for technical education, under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. For autonomous institutes, ...

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Reasons Why Engineers Should Pursue Management Education

management education

Engineering colleges have been mushrooming in India rapidly. The country has around 3345 engineering colleges operational at present. Another statistics say that 1.5 million engineers pass out every year. A very few of them get hired by top notch companies. A large number of young engineers settle to work for mid-level firms or have to do odd jobs, which are ...

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Tips to Survive and Succeed in an MBA or PGDM Program

MBA or PGDM Program

Are you enrolling in a PGDM program this year or already a part of it? It is not so easy to stay motivated and perform consistently throughout the course. Students are very excited when they join, but gradually they lose motivation. Some of them are able to handle the pressure while others fail to get impressive grades. Placement season does ...

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What Does an Operations Manager Do?

What Does an Operations Manager Do

An Operation Manager plays a pivotal role in business. He is required in private companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Operations Management involves diverse tasks like purchase, supply, workflow management and maintaining a balance between people and process. While other employees can focus on a specialized area of operation (for example, finance, HR and so on), an operations manager is ...

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8 Unconventional Career Options for Management Students

management student

Every management graduate does not aspire to do a nine-hour mundane job. There are many offbeat career options you can opt for in case you don’t wish to sit in a cubicle all day long. Also, some of these unconventional career choices can earn you a whopping amount. It completely depends on your interest, aspirations and future goals. Let’s have ...

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Demand for Management Graduates

Management Graduates

The demand MBA or PGDM students continues to show a strong upward trend in 2015, as 84 % of companies across the globe plan to add new MBAs to their workforce, up from 74 % in 2014 and 62 % five years ago, according to a global survey of employers published in the year 2015. Management, as an area of ...

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