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3 Unique Learning Systems At Ifeel

“Tell me and I forget;

Teach me and I may remember;

 Involve me and I learn”.   – Benjamin Franklin

Learning is a never-ending process. life teaches us a new lesson at every step. Whether we learn from it or we forget it, depends upon us.

When we talk of getting knowledge through Education, the quality matters. Acquiring knowledge matters; but not more than getting quality knowledge. You may read many books, do different kinds of learning programs/ courses etc but all of this goes in vain if you haven’t learn or used that knowledge in life.

                 The education sector has developed to remarkable heights. Today, there are many institutes/ universities which provide various education programs and courses. All of them promise to give you quality knowledge. You should possess the ability to choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) is a Residential business school based in the serene environment of Lonavala and established by Global Education Trust in 2010. It is an AICTE affiliated residential business school which has been providing 2 years full time PGDM program.

It is a Management institute that takes you much beyond the scope of conventional PGDM degree. iFEEL is one of the few Business Schools that nurtures managerial talent to think beyond the traditional system of business and how to come up with most innovative ideas to transform the business environment.

iFEEL has the philosophy of imparting education centers on the creation of a true learning environment. To achieve this, it encourages the use of a wide range of pedagogical methods and strongly emphasizes experimentation for further innovation. Case analysis, role-plays, participant presentation, use of computer software, simulation and games, lecture-cum-discussions is among the teaching methods commonly used. Equal emphasis is given on individual and team learning.

Learning system has 3 layers:

Academic Layer:

  • This layer provides the conceptual base required for various subjects.
  • iFEEL nurtures its students by providing them with state of the art; Fully Wi-Fi enabled campus.
  • Online lectures give the advantage of ANYTIME ANYWHERE learning.
  • The students can access the online lectures multiple times.
  • The campus of iFEEL comprises of large open learning spaces, well equipped library, computer lab, gymnasium, a separate hostel facilities for girls, boys and faculty members.

Professional Layer:

  • This layer applies practical skills and industry experience.
  • The students are prepared for the global world of business through International Industrial tours as well as domestic Industrial Tours.
  • A unique Advisory cell comprising of experts from across industries such as Banks and Financial Services, Education, E-Commerce, Infrastructure, IT, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Retail, Real Estate, Steel, Telecom and Textiles etc.
  • Guest lectures by CEO/ COO’s etc takes place which enhances the learning.
  • Faculty at iFEEL is a blend of corporate and professors from leading business schools such as the IIM’s, Welingkar etc.
  • Faculty from International University, Sweden, Drexel University, USA also delivers guest lectures on the campus.

Personal Layer:

  • This layer provides coaching and mentoring to every student individually.
  • The Faculty at iFEEL gives each student the individual attention that he/she requires.
  • They are always ready to help the students wherever and whenever needed.
  • “i4: Ignite, Involve, Innovate, Inspire” is a series organized at iFEEL to interact with the corporate leaders and understand industry perspective in detail.

“An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best Interests”. – Benjamin Franklin

Hence, invest in the best Institute/ University. Contact iFEEL today and join an MBA program of your interest for a brighter future filled with opportunities!

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