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5 Changes that Hostel Life Brings in You!

Hostel life is always a lot of fun. It teaches you numerous tricks and tips that make your life colorful. That’s why the few years at hostel will probably be etched in your mind forever!
Initially, it is a pain- dealing with life without family & being among unknown people whom you have never met before. Eventually, these ‘Unknown People’ only becomes the integral part of our lives, the ones we can’t imagine our life without.
There would be days when you will wonder, “When will I get out of this place and go home?” and then there will be days when you can’t believe how lucky you have been.
From helping each other in any way possible and escaping warden’s hawk-like eyes, to acquiring innumerable Partners-in-Crime, your hostel life will always be the “Best Phase of Your Life”.

1) You can Celebrate Anything and Everything with your Friends!

Be it a weird news or a sad one, you will probably end up celebrating and cheering loud on any occasion whatsoever! With your friends around you all the time, you ‘Celebration’ will become an integral part of your hostel life.


2) Tackling any Situation

Be it studies or Life, hostel life will definitely teach you how to keep yourself going under any situations whatsoever. Suddenly, you will be able to tackle your studies and mood swings together quite efficiently!



3) Maggi will be your Best Friend!

Each hostelier is an expert maggi-maker by default! No matter how tasty food you get in your hostel, you will be never too full for a packet of maggi!



4)You can Sleep Anytime & Anywhere

“Do we have 10 mins before the class?” “Yes!”



5) Homesickness will be a Part of your Life


Pangs of homesickness will attack you at times when you will be least expecting it! Missing Ghar Ka Khana and Mummy-Papa is common to the life of all hostellers!


Whatever it is, hostel life always brings out the best in you! you make great friends, incalculable memories and cherish them all your life!

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