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A welcoming Foundation Day and a daunting Outbound Program, at the iFEEL campus

On the 16th of July, 2016, the date marked the beginning of the New Year for the students. The Foundation Day was solely organized to acquaint the students with the program and moreover give them a feel of the academic year that falls ahead.


Distinguished dignitaries and noted experts from the industry have had paid a visit to the campus with the intention of conversing and exchanging ideas with the young crowd. The students interacted with these speakers and drew in insights about the current business market, and more importantly, learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship.


The welcome speech was given Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, the Group Director of iFEEL. He spoke his heart out before the students and told them what is expected out of them in the span of two years.


Ms. Deepa Shetty, Head HR, Xalted Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., spoke about the benefits of entrepreneurship over normal jobs. She helped the students identify the pros and cons of both and left the students with a food for thought. She focused on the topic of ‘How MBA’s can meet company’s expectations’. She ended her session by narrating a story about Michael Jordan which left the students spell bound. Mr. Sahil Nayyar, Human Resources, KPMG, took up the podium after her. He spoke about the major takeaways from the management program and how determination and self confidence can help the students achieve their desired results. He also spoke about the major opportunities and challenges for MBAs and how they can achieve and overcome it. Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, the owner of PNG Jewelers shared his personal experiences and explained how the desire to be different can help the students gain a new perspective in life. He also provided the students with innovative ideas to survive in the new age market and provided tips for entrepreneurial success. The final speaker for the day was Mr. Rajiv Mitra, the Managing Director of Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., encouraged them to realize their potential. He spoke about the various opportunities available for MBA students in the manufacturing sector. The session was concluded by a panel discussion, with the students being given an opportunity to ask questions. It was a fruitful experience for the students as all their apprehensions were cleared.




The session was concluded with a thank-you note by the Dean Wing Commander Sudhir Salunkhe.


On the 20th and the 21st of July, 2016, an outbound program was organized for the students. They were divided into teams and were asked to keep a name and slogan for their respective teams. It was great to see the enthusiasm among the students whilst the activity was on. Fun games were conducted for the students such as pipeline, and even rappelling and rock-climbing. The intension behind these games were making the students be a part of a team; team-building, concentration and focus. Another interesting game that they played wherein they were asked to analyze each other’s work and criticize and praise each other based on their performance. The students understood that being critical in most cases can be easy but praising someone can be quiet the difficult task. The students played games like Spiders Web, London Bridge, Ball Balancing, Hexagon Formation which helped them work as a team and perform. The day ended with a debrief session to understand the key learnings’ of the session.



All-in-all the days at the campus proved to be productive for the students and they for sure, did have something to take back home; knowledge and memories.

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