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Are You Also Covering That 70%?

PGDM programDid you know that 70 percent of fresh graduates chase entry level positions and ironically ends up remaining at entry level for their entire professional life. Only the 30 percent of population occupies the high level management positions. The weightage is observed in that 70 percent who became incapable of crossing the bridge between entry level and executive level.

How to become a part of that 30 percent population?

We asked the CEO of our organization if he can figure out the future prospects of any professional. In a very subtle manner he answered that the leaders stand out amidst the crowd and are recognized instantly due to the qualities such as personality and communication skills, industry knowledge, attitude towards work, analytical skills, cultural values, spirit squirted while working in a team and leadership skills. The answer has made this very clear that what the executive level seeks in professionals to promote them and share the same platter.

It is also a known fact that, that 30 percent of population is more than just a graduate. To grow professionally you should be clear on your educational goals and what will make you an asset to your organization. A management program becomes an ideal platform to attain the missing set of skills. That smart 30 percent are generally management graduates who have invested their time and energy in accruing the desired skills.

Is achieving management education sufficient?

Acquiring management education is very important but attaining it from the right place is something that holds more importance. Any management institute that gives you an academic management degree but doesn’t enhance your management skills then your efforts and time goes for toss right away.

A management institute caters to all the requisites of management education. Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) offers 2 year AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management. iFEEL is a residential campus situated at Lonavala.

What makes iFEEL unique from other institutes?

The education is imparted by the proficient industry experts. Also very often the international faculty makes an appearance to give insights of the global business world

The students of iFEEL become a part of the international programs like Global Citizen Leader (GCL) formulated by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) is a global initiative by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The students of iFEEL form a part of this unique learning experience which centered on enhancing leadership qualities. It falls amongst the best educational institutions in US. CCL is training 500 fortune companies across U.S.A

To cultivate the plethora of ideas students are exposed to the concept of ‘R.A.I.N Lab’- Reflect, Act, Innovate and Nurture. It is a space for students to explore their creative mind and prototype on certain product or service, execute it and derive positive results.

Specific skills centric activities such as ‘outbound learning experience’ are conducted at iFEEL this enhances the leadership, team building and analytical qualities in every individual student.

To cater intense corporate exposure students are provided with free international study tour and national- international internships are organized to instill better management skills and insights of the corporate industry.

Lastly, to assure the overall development of the student, students are made to live under one roof. The residential campus of iFEEL has the completely updated hostels for students and on-campus residence for the faculty to create a unique learning environment.

Aim to become a part of that less 30 percent and Invest your energy in growing vertically in your future career. Learn management skills so that you face lesser rejection and more appreciation at the time of stepping into the corporate world.

Today’s hustle will give a stagnant career tomorrow; give time to your educational and intellectual needs. Join the best PGDM program in India from iFEEL.

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