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Are You Ready To Nail Your PI Round For MBA

The season of admissions is on and every candidate who has cracked his entrance examination is looking forward to appear and clear the personal interview round. Students tend to not to consider this stage as a very important aspect of admission, however in this round a student is evaluated on more than his pedagogical achievements. The panel sitting for the interview observes and assesses the personality of the candidate, so that they can decide if the candidate is suitable to go ahead with his choice of specialization and moreover, if the candidate is capable of becoming the pride for the institution.

Preparing for an entrance exam is an easier task than preparing for a personal interview, because you may be questioned on anything to everything and the candidate has absolutely no idea of what he is going to face. You will be judged for the potential possibilities of excelling in corporate world. We cannot judge what a candidate will have to face in a personal interview, but sometimes the guesswork works too. Here are some most expected personal round questions especially for MBA aspirants-

1.  Tell us something about yourself.

This is most probably the very first question which a candidate has to face in the interview; one should always be prepared to answer. Some of the things you can talk about here are-

  • Educational and professional background that is, where you come from
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Talk about your strengths

This question is basically asked to judge your communication skills, body language, and self confidence.

2. 10/5 years down the line, where do you see yourself?

Another frequently asked question that recurs in an MBA personal interview. The candidate should be honest while answering this question. Do not give a plain and unrealistic answers, what you can do is, you can talk about your specialization and then give a managerial position concerned to your specialization. You can also narrow down your answer with the industry or field that you want to get into.

3. What are your strengths & weaknesses?

A candidate is expected to have analyzed and conducted self SWOT analysis. A candidate should have everything in mind especially weakness’, when you answer make sure that it looks genuine, but giving your weakness might give a negative impact to the panel, therefore, you should give a weakness and then explain how do you manage to overcome that weakness.

4. Why MBA?

This answer would also lead you to your goal, it is better to be prepared for the answer .If you are someone with prior work-experience, you would have different reasons for pursuing an MBA.

5.Why only this B-school?

This is an opportunity for you to impress the panel but giving a strong reason for giving preference to this institution, it would be an added advantage if you can have a word with a few students of that college before your PI. Your answer should reflect that you know well about that institute & that you’re keen to pursue your management degree from that particular B-school.

6.Questions from your GD

It’s quite a possibility that your Personal Interview panel might be the same as your Group Discussion. In such a situation, be prepared to expect questions around your GD discussion round. They could probe you further about it or ask about a certain point you’d made in the GD. You should be able to defend your point of view.

You might not be asked any of these questions, but what more important is to, represent yourself honestly and thoughtfully.

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