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Be Career Smart And Choose Best Residential MBA Program

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”- Aristotle

Learning is a lifelong process. Each new day has something enriching to offer us. It depends upon us whether we take it with a smile or a big frown!

Education and educationalists are into a noble profession of imparting quality knowledge through diversified ways of learning that are beneficial for its recipients. Every institute/ university makes efforts to offer the best learning environment to the students. Some succeed in this while others fail to fulfill the promises it makes.

An MBA degree benefits the student in numerous ways. It opens doors of endless opportunities. The knowledge when applied in reality bears the sweetest fruits of success.

There are many AICTE approved MBA colleges in the country. When an MBA aspirant hunts for the perfect source for the degree, he has shortlist the best option that would eliminate the chances of regretting the decision in future.

When you sow the seed in the proper place and in the right manner, only then you will get the joy of eating its fruits. Similarly, only when you make the right choice, you will get the benefits of an MBA program.

Students in Mumbai, generally opt for top management colleges in Pune. The reason for this is that Pune city is considered as the financial hub of Maharashtra and gives the appropriate industry exposure and learning to the students during the course of their MBA degree. There are many management institutions and universities in Pune which have been in existence since years and have expert faculties.

iFEEL Institute is one of the best among the top PGDM colleges in Pune. The Global Education Trust has established this institute in the year 2010. This AICTE approved residential Business School is located at Lonavala and has world class infrastructure facilities to offer. It is committed to offer quality education and create future leaders and entrepreneurs who will inherit the qualities and abilities required to survive and succeed in the challenging conditions prevailing in the corporate world. The management courses offered by iFEEL take the students far beyond the conventional PGDM programs offered by other Institutes/ Universities.

iFEEL offers 3 residential programs;

  • Entrepreneurship Excellence Program (EEP)/ Family Managed Business (FMB) program of 11 months.
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) of 2 Years.
  • Management Development Program (MDP)

When you opt for a residential Program, you are on your way to experience a journey filled with comfort and ease. Unlike other modes, a residential program will enable you to learn in an environment with likeminded people.

Your Benefits of choosing these residential programs:

  • Study at the heart of nature, surrounded by the scenic beauty of mother earth; at Lonavala.
  • Excellent and convenient accommodation facilities in the form of separate hostels for girls, boys and the faculty members.
  • Enjoy multi cuisine eateries at the completely hygienic cafeteria at iFEEL campus.
  • Enhance your learning process with the availability of fully Wi-Fi enabled campus.
  • Exchange ideas through the open air Amphitheatre.
  • Brain storming sessions with experts at seminar and conference halls.
  • Wide area for student activities
  • Technology at its best through iFEEL’s computer Lab.
  • Learn new languages at the Language Lab and be one step ahead in life.
  • Enlighten creativity and innovation within you and accomplish your goals in a better way.
  • Learn the art of thinking different at the RAIN Lab; a unique and commendable creation at iFEEL.
  • Strengthen your sense of community and responsibilities.
  • Physical fitness at the gymnasium.

This is the reason that iFEEL is the best amongst other AICTE approved MBA colleges in Pune.

iFEEL is the perfect shield to protect your career from all uncertainties!!

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