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Become Potential Leader with PGDM program

Becoming a leader is not at all easy but Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program which is of 2 years is the perfect program for the potential leaders.

Leader in simple terms is the one who leads the people in the right direction with a motto of achieving the goals. This clearly means that a person has to be versatile, hard working, visionary as well as knowledgeable to become a successful leader. He should also posses certain leadership qualities which would assist him in getting the work done within the deadline. Although, many people say that he leadership qualities cannot be taught, some others say that these qualities can be nurtured and developed amongst the individuals so that they can become the torch bearers.

There are several programs which offer leadership training to the individuals and there are also several management programs which through its best curriculum and the practical industry oriented projects inculcate the leadership traits among the aspirants. One such popular industry incorporated management program is Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and it is proffered by several private educational institutions in India.

The curriculum of this PGDM program depends on the institute from where one completes the program as Government of India has given full authority to the institutes to design their own curriculum according to the demands of the industry. As only Universities can confer a degree, the autonomous institutions have to offer Post Graduate diploma courses which are at par with the MBA programs.

PGDM program – More superior than MBA program 

Many experts have confirmed this fact that PGDM programs are much more superior to the conventional MBA programs. This is because, MBA programs are not constantly updated as per the changing industrial demands as happens in the PGDM programs. MBA courses have to follow the mundane syllabus designed by the University which is updated after several years.  However, the autonomous educational institutions which are All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recognized leave no stone unturned to incorporate the latest knowledge about the management industry.

One of the best B-School in India is iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) and is located in Lonavala and is accessible from Pune and Mumbai within 2 hours. This residential campus is wi-fi enabled campus and the best infrastructure facilities at this AICTE approved College makes this institute an ideal destination for the management aspirants. The brain storming area, student activity zone, the innovation laboratory also contribute in the success of the students and enrich them with the knowledge so as to make them potential leaders who can take up any challenge in the corporate world and can come up with an innovative and plausible solution for the same.

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