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Scope Of An MBA Degree


“Management is all about managing in the short term, while developing the plans for the long term.”- Jack Welch Management is omnipresent. It is all around us. From our daily activities to our professional lives, everything requires management. Only through effective and productive management, we can achieve the desired outcomes. Some people are a pro at managing. They possess excellent ...

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Tips To Choose The Best MBA College

The decision to pursue an MBA Program is an intelligent one, but it will not give you the desired results unless you do it from the best Institute/ University. There is no shortage of options from where you can get an MBA Degree. Many Institutes/ Universities are offering MBA programs with different variations and benefits. The choice you make today ...

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3 Unique Learning Systems At Ifeel


“Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I may remember;  Involve me and I learn”.   – Benjamin Franklin Learning is a never-ending process. life teaches us a new lesson at every step. Whether we learn from it or we forget it, depends upon us. When we talk of getting knowledge through Education, the quality matters. Acquiring knowledge matters; but ...

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Best Residential MBA Program

“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”. – Albert Einstein. Education imparts valuable knowledge in an individual that makes him the person he is. The quality of knowledge learn is what makes the difference. The years you invested in education will not count, but the knowledge which you attain in those years ...

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Be An Management Expert With Best PGDM Course

Pick up any organization from any business journo. Each one has one thing in common and in top most priority. The word is Management. The smallest business enterprise also needs high managerial skills to survive in the market. Management is not just a word. It is a practice which should be followed religiously. Make it your god, and see how ...

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9 Unique Features Of The Best AICTE Approved MBA College In Pune

We all are well versed with various MBA programs from different Universities/ Institutes. They all promise to deliver something which the other doesn’t. once you decide on a particular course, your search for the best institute starts. In this process, you shortlist many universities/ institutes which you think are the best for you.                 Education forms a base of your ...

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Why To Do An MBA?

Almost every second person that we come across wants to acquire an MBA degree from the best MBA College. Even working professionals today are in the race to get themselves this Degree. So why is this so prevalent? After all, you can take up a job in any organization, earn handsome amount of money and be happy. Well, most of ...

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iFEEL’s Awards and Accolades

When iFEEL started its journey in the journo of Education, no one knew how high its success would go. But iFEEL did surprise its competitors by being one of the top best institutes for management studies. Let’s have a look at the commendable Achievements of iFEEL so far, because there are many more to come in its bag in the ...

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5 Important Tips for cracking an MBA interview

Top Business schools in India have been extremely rigorous with their entrance procedures even after the students have cracked their GMAT or CAT or ATMA or MICA or SNAP or whatever. Stay calm but confident So this is the first thing that you are going to look at when preparing for an interview for top MBA colleges in India. During ...

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Top 6 Reasons To Do An MBA

Before really beginning with advantages, I’d like to put forth a basic, dumb striking fact: It is estimated that 70% of the MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors. Have a read and see if any of them really resonate for you ahead… Good luck! Career Progression: Typically an experienced starts his/her career with a functional aspect. Being ...

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