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How can HR Manager Contribute to Business Success?

Contribution of HR in Business Success

HRM plays a key role in the success of the business. The HR department is the link between the employees and the higher management. The employees and the employer both need HR in the organization. An organization, without Human Resource Managers will face numerous issues. Let’s understand the contribution of the HR department to the business. Hire the right person ...

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Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Management

functions of human resource management

One cannot ignore the fact that manpower is the most important asset of the company. With the advancement in technology and automation, the need for physical labor has reduced. However, human capital cannot be completely replaced. And for human capital to function smoothly, human resource management is essential in every organization, irrespective of its nature and size. A human resource ...

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Career Options and Job Prospects after PGDM in HR

A PGDM in Human Resource Management opens many doors for the young management graduates. HR is one profession that gives you a chance to interact with a number of people from various cultures and temperaments every day. Also, you get to learn a lot about legal policies, market trends, organization’s business model and human psychology. Basically, you get to interact ...

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10 Tips to Become a Good Human Resource Manager

If you are planning to take up HR management or already a part of it, you need to know the qualities of good HR professionals. 1.Get the Right Educational Qualification Firstly, you need to have an MBA or PGDM degree in HR management to work as a human resource manager. Also, students with a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology can ...

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