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What is the Right Age to Begin a PGDM Program?

Right Age to Begin a PGDM Program

PGDM program is basically for those people who want to achieve a leadership position in the corporate world. Students with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management often work at executive positions in the beginning of their career and reach the top level management after a few years of experience. If you aspire to reach a higher position in a company ...

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How to Stay Motivated Throughout Your PGDM Program

Stay Motivated Throughout Your PGDM Program

Students choose to pursue a PGDM program with high expectations about their future. They embark on their journey with a lot of confidence and excitement. However, a number of students lose motivation after sometime. They fail to recognize the hard work and dedication required. Regardless of what college you choose, there are bound to be challenges along the way. If ...

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Demand for PGDM Course in India

2 year PGDM course

A number of PGDM colleges have mushroomed in the country during the last decade. Employers in India and overseas, are on a lookout for PGDM graduates. People perceive a PGDM course, as an entry pass to some of the top notch corporate companies. What is PGDM Program? Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year course for graduate students. Unlike ...

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How to Get Return on Your PGDM Program Investment

PGDM Program Investment

Management education is going through a transformation phase in India. It is easily accessible to people of almost every city, educational or social background. Experienced professionals as well as young graduates are opting for an MBA or PGDM program. Did you ever try to find out the reason behind this MBA mania? Why management education? A number of companies offer ...

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5 Reasons to do a PGDM Course

PGDM course in pune

Are you unsure about your career after graduation? You will come across a number of options, opportunities and suggestions. One of the most lucrative career options is PGDM. (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) It is not only rewarding, but also well aligned with the current industry trends. A number of colleges in India offer PGDM, but making the right choice ...

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Admission and Selection Procedure for PGDM Course at iFEEL

selection procedure at iFEEL

Do you aspire to study PGDM at iFEEL Institute of Management Studies? Are you trying to get an admission? It is obvious that you might be finding the situation very chaotic at this point. In reality, iFEEL follows a very simple step-by-step procedure for selection and admission. What is the selection process of iFEEL? Initially the aspirant can purchase the ...

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How to Prepare for Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resource Management?

So you have decided on your PGDM specialization? Human resource management is undoubtedly a good option for any management aspirant. A number of young graduates are opting for this career option. In general, a student pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in HRM will have to study in depth about recruiting, talent acquisition, employee engagement, training, payroll, retention, mentoring the employees ...

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Which PGDM Specialization Suits You the Most?

After you decide to enroll for PGDM, the next question is: Which specialization should I go for? You are at a crossroads when you have to decide between the multiple options that your college has to offer. Your work profile, organization, pay scale, etc. will all depend on your specialization. Let’s get a basic understanding of which specialization suits you ...

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Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Management and its Importance in the Corporate World

Financial management is the most preferred option for students aspiring to pursue management education. If you are one of them, then it is essential to know certain insights on finance management. After all, every student must have a considerable amount of information before making such an important career choice. What is Financial Management? As the name suggests, financial management is ...

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Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management – A Rewarding Career Option

Marketing management is one of the most common specializations that any management aspirant aims for. Marketing is a crucial activity in every organization and hence marketing personnel are required everywhere. Let us have a walkthrough of PGDM in marketing. What is Marketing Management? ‘You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.’ Marketing is basically selling any product to the ...

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