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Entrepreneurship Mantras!


It goes without saying that sheer diligence and zeal for success, is most important for budding entrepreneurs. Starting a business from scratch takes a lot of effort and planning. To emerge as a successful entrepreneur in the long run, one needs to be determined to achieve their goals, under any circumstances. Entrepreneurs in the line of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, ...

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Selecting the Right Person..!!


“…while extraordinary products and services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time…… Is People” ~Mark Salsbury As rightly said, the “lifeline of an organization” is its employees. The employees are the ones who are responsible for the overall functioning and success of a business entity. Irrespective of the hierarchy, a satisfied and responsible ...

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Develop the Entrepreneur in you and Make the change!

“The entrepreneur always searches for a change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity” -Peter Ducker As rightly said, the entrepreneurial qualities in any individual needs to be developed from the very initial stage. Only a real entrepreneur can possess the quality of transforming a change into an opportunity and exploit the opportunity in any possible dimension in order ...

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Institute that creates Dreamers, Achievers and Winners!


iFeel-Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, is regarded as one of the leading MBA colleges in India. Located among the scenic beauty of Lonavala, iFeel is a management institute that takes an individual beyond the scope of a conventional MBA college. While most of the B-schools work on abilities and skills, the mission of iFeel is to develop the ...

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Be the Master of Your Own Future

“A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery”- Michael Hammer Very rightly said that success is not only about getting a promotion by “luck”, an individual can join an organization with the half gained knowledge and also succeed because there is always a room to learn more while being in the organization. It takes ...

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What An MBA Aspirant Should Look For In A B-School


An MBA aspirant works in full zeal to crack various entrance examinations and after fulfilling the criteria decided by the B-School a candidate gets an opportunity to study in the desired B-School, which is most probably a top B-School. But before you are deciding to enroll in any B-School you should consider your aspirations and difference that institution is going ...

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Full-Time PGDM From Top MBA Colleges In Mumbai For Overall Development


Have you been looking forward to a bright career in management? Get a full-time PGDM degree from top MBA colleges in Mumbai. Management degree courses are known to be ultimate career enhancers that provide better job opportunities, at the national as well international level, thus giving a boost to your career. As useful are management programs for securing professional development, ...

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Tips On Cracking The Upcoming XAT Exam

With the XAT Exam 2014 fast approaching, it is time for aspirants to begin preparations extensively. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for the exam and crack it successfully! Management programs are in vast demand today especially following the impressive placement percentage reported by colleges and B-Schools in 2013. Top management schools in India accept the ...

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