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Creating endless career avenues for the entrepreneurs

What’s amazing about business is it isn’t linked with any kind of state, sex, competition, age, and / or socioeconomic area. Those who have flair to get results for herself or himself can become a business owner or an entrepreneur. New solutions lead to profession development, as well as small company tasks will be the significant profession developers throughout the economic system. Entrepreneurship results in new fields being recognized that provide clean new places for possibilities, companies, and also professions, all which result in financial development.

After analyzing the growing importance of entrepreneurship in today’s world, many educational institutions have started with specialized programs which would inculcate the entrepreneurial traits among the aspirants. One such AICTE approved institution is iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) which offers PGDM programs with a motto of creating global entrepreneurs and leaders. Also, iFEEL is focused on working in a systematic manner towards developing Entrepreneurial initiatives of students and also encourage people with entrepreneurial spirit to connect with iFEEL. The association with the National Entrepreneurship Network is a step in this direction

The nonprofit National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) was recognized in 2003 with an objective to create and provide complete assistance to the high-growth business owners, driving job-creation and financial development in India. NEN was co-founded by IIT Bombay; IIM Ahmadabad; BITS, Pilani; SP Jain Institution of Management & Research, Mumbai; Institution of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bangalore.

NEN symbolizes India’s biggest and most powerful group of new and upcoming high-growth business owners, with over 70,000 associates in 30 places. It provides crucial assistance to start-ups and early-stage business owners through high-impact entrepreneurship education; accessibility guides and experts; fast-track accessibility incubation and funding; and learning resources and components. It associates with over 470 top-tier educational institutions in Indian to help them create vivid entrepreneurship environments on university, which create and assist new and upcoming business owners. In addition, it operates Entrepreneurship Week India, the nation’s biggest entrepreneurship-awareness strategy.

NEN’s design for improving entrepreneurship sets strongly on its collaboration strategy, making it both scalable and efficient. Rather than provide assistance straight, NEN associates with educational institutions to help them build an efficient and a vivid entrepreneurship environment to assist business owners. Institutes that NEN associates with are those that are already inspired to provide entrepreneurship programs to their learners, and appreciate the investment NEN makes to improve their ability to do so and hence; the tie up between iFEEL and NEN proves beneficial for its learners.

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