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Culture Speaks A lot: You Should Know The difference

Imagine yourself in a business meeting with the Japanese delegates; it may ruin your first impression if you are unaware of the greeting pattern and cultural difference. Japanese people have different norms of greeting, shaking hands is not considered as a very right gesture. In India or USA, shaking hands is the gesture regarded for greeting. This is what makes it imperative to know the value of cultural differences. Immersing in global environments makes one culturally sensitive issue to treat the varied customs and that how the traditions meet and communicate. The comfort of knowing someone, who respects and values your culture and tradition, makes it an easy gesture to communication though you may not understand the language. To know these cultural differences and the knowledge to perform globally, one should be aware and very well trained to successfully establish cordial business relationships because before any business deal or any contract, your communication gives the message. If you know how to respect the Japanese culture, bingo! You’ve got the deal for your organization.


This cultural understanding comes gradually with strong training, as living in India we have our own set of traditions and beliefs which we follow quiet strictly, this takes away the flexibility of mixing and merging with different cultures. But the global market demands have made it a compulsory aspect in order to survive on the global front. At Institute of Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL), situated at Lonavala; we train our students to perform ardently on the global front, students are exposed to different culture, not only in a theoretical manner but also from the practical aspect. iFEEL caters to the global requirements in the following ways:


  • From time to time, the campus of iFEEL is obliged to relish the presence of an international faculty. The international faculty throws light on the business trends and analysis from the international perspective on various different topics.
  • iFEEL participates in various activities which exposes students on international front, activities such as; Global Citizen Leader (GCL) formulated by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) is a global initiative by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The students of iFEEL form a part of this unique learning experience which centered on enhancing leadership qualities. It falls amongst the best educational institutions in US. CCL is training 500 fortune companies across U.S.A
  • iFEEL is the creator of innovation, to stimulate the young brains to teach them to make a difference iFEEL brings the concept of ‘Rain Lab’- Reflect, Act, Innovate and Nurture. Students discover the creative skills and toil on plethora of ideas, prototype on certain product or service, execute it and come out with constructive results.
  • The unique feature of iFEEL’s learning process is its ‘outbound learning experience’; where there are specific activities organized for the students, which enhances the leadership, team building and analytical qualities in every individual student.
  • From the practical aspect iFEEL organizes free international study tour, in which students are subjected to different work culture environment and are allowed the interaction with the locals, this way they receive a better understanding of the business culture and the local culture.
  • Students are also given the opportunity for the better practical learning through national and international internships.
  • The students of iFEEL have successfully entered the corporate world and are working diligently on various managerial positions nationally and internationally. iFEEL has successfully maintained the 100% placement record


iFEEL offers two years AICTE approved contemporary and comprehensive 2years full-time post graduate diploma in management (PGDM) program. Remember, if you shoot for the moon, you will land between the stars; learn to settle only for something that promises you a bright future ahead.


Measure the sky length; learn from the Best PGDM Colleges in Pune, join iFEEL.

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