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Differentiators Of Top MBA College In Pune

If you want to be different, then you have to choose the different!!

It is the harsh reality of life that there are many instances where you don’t get the best return for your investment. We feel that the value we received is much less than the value we should have got. Same is the case when it comes to education. There are multiple options for one particular program or course. It is a situation of confusion for the aspirant who doesn’t understand which option would serve the purpose in the best way.

MBA colleges in Pune

Talking of MBA colleges in Pune, there is one name that comes instantly into the mind. Yes, I am talking about Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL). This one of its kind residential business school is located in Lonavala with the entire latest technological backup. The students at iFEEL experience innovation based learning which enriches their intelligence furthermore.

The below mentioned differentiators of iFEEL prove that it is the top MBA college in Pune:

  • Entrepreneurship knowledge through experts:

You can enhance your existing and build new entrepreneurship skills with this Business School. They give you the best start ever through their Entrepreneurship Excellence Program (EEP). You will be able to complete this program in just 11 months and then you will be eligible to establish your identity as a successful and dynamic Entrepreneur. This includes iFEEL’s 3 pronged structures which is Start your business, Grow your business and Turnaround your business.

  • Learn the global way!

iFEEL believes in educating you through the global medium. The students get the lifetime opportunity of being a part of the fully sponsored International study tours which iFEEL organizes for them. When we speak of success in the Business Industry today, it goes without saying that you should be well acquainted with the global best practices adopted worldwide. This is the reason why iFEEL is amongst the best AICTE approved MBA college in Pune.

  • Expertise personified!

The students get the chance of interacting and acquiring valuable knowledge from the experts of the Corporate World. iFEEL organizes and invites top CEO’s and COO’s as the guest lecturers for the program. Being a student you benefit from this interaction as it imparts the working business culture knowledge in you.

  • Safe home away from home:

This is a residential business school and hence the question of safety arises in the mind of the individual especially if you are a girl. But iFEEL is the safest Business school you could be at as it has separate hostel facility for the girls, boys and the faculty members. There is a security force also at the institute to safeguard all the students.

  • Keeping mind and body development in sync:

Learning at iFEEL is a perfect balance between enhancement of the mind and the holistic development of the body. Like an old saying goes “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Similarly, at iFEEL there are facilities of sports (indoor and outdoor), open air amphitheatre, Wi-Fi enabled campus, Computer and language lab, Gymnasium etc.

There are many more to be named. There is no end to the benefits which iFEEL learning gives you. Hence it comes amongst the top AICTE approved MBA colleges in Pune.

You can connect with the iFEEL team through the following link!!

If you have to make a future, then why not make a promising one!!!

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