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Digital Marketing 2020: The Future

Speed has taken over traditional marketing worldwide. With the changing world and the marketing tactics heading towards this change, we have Digital Marketing current tactics getting a little redundant by the time we are in 2020.

With video streaming being the current change & trend, and having a statistic of 75 billion devices in use by 2020, we have personalization as the key to Digital Marketing by 2020.

The changing technology constructs the related trend to run faster & make it easily visible. Here are a few of these changing trends that have come as a front bencher to alter the face of Digital Marketing. To make it look much better.

  • Internet of Things- IoT

With Internet protocols making interaction a sensor’s tool, the IoT will have an immense impact in daily use such as Home automation, Water Management, thus making a Mobile device a remote control, incorporated with that sensor connecting to the Internet. With Cloud computing, the sensor object is a usable internet device connector for future consumer analysis. For instance, location based sensors can give consumers the required available product or service information in the vicinity. Real time information can be garnered for future digital strategies to gain further engagement with consumers. A search engine will make the sensor information available as an App or the content downloadable for promotional use.

  • Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality is real-time knowledge of a consumer product or a service through graphics, audio, video etc. extraordinarily experienced through a graphical version of that product with the help of an Augmented device or a futuristic Smartphone. So, if a consumer product can be experienced in this realistic way, it is already sold with an increase in conversions & reviews. An experience is hence felt with the help of 3D animations of that product or the service. For instance to know how the feel of the inside of a new car is when it is to be launched, and the feedback from the consumers is to be gathered, we have marketing requisites for future  research.

  • Wearables

A wearable technology such as Smart watches is a product of IoT and augmented reality. A wearable technology can personalize Digital marketing research trends. With ideas such as a simple location based GPS tracker for trekking used as a wearable technology adding interaction features can be not just of help, but a guide for a digital marketer who would like to do market research of the trend in travel related devices or plain travel trends research for building travel content on a travel website blog. An Internet sensor added to your wearable can be a device used as a remote for your automation needs, and this can help in Digital Marketing in understanding your different automated devices, and the personalized use.

The future cannot be predicted, but a technology can be reviewed, furthermore bringing in a phenomenal paradigm of what lies ahead.

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