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Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

The debate continues as to whether digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing digital marketing or not. The current market trends showcase that digital marketing is gradually establishing its dominance in the field of advertising. For instance Newsweek, the magazine giant, entirely switching over to digital publication, is a significant example that portrays the influence of the digital medium in the marketing arena.

Digital Marketing statistics of 2015-2016:

Statistics1.jpg(Source of Information- Smartinsights.com)

While, digital marketing is fast encompassing, traditional marketing isn’t completely wiped out from the marketing scenario. Here are our views on the differences between various aspects of digital and traditional marketing and the effectiveness of both:


Is there a realistic balance between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Not only are the magazines going digital, much of our daily work, like banking and reading also relates to the online medium as well. This digital age calls for business entities to concentrate more on online marketing techniques and campaigns. Though traditional marketing still has a place, its gradually diminishing in the digital world. Thus, businesses to achieve a cumulative growth and appeal to a global consumer base, it’s imperative for them to adapt to the growing digital trends and adopt digital marketing techniques.

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