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‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’

It all started as a dream, a dream to achieve something in life, in career. After completing my engineering, rather than going for a job, I dream of a business degree. Struggling to find a correct destination, I was introduced to a relatively newer name, ‘iFEEL’ institute of management. I decided to give iFEEL the opportunity to help me fulfill my dreams.

Moving into a residential campus and coming from a different academic background, initially I felt would feel a little out of place. But it didn’t take me long to fit in and start to grasp things quicker. I can never thank the faculty enough for all the individual mentoring to help me learn and improve at different steps. I had never enjoyed learning a technical course like engineering as much as I had started to like this management course.

One thing that really changed my view of professional life is the summer internship with Lear Corporation. When I look back at my struggling journey of two months now, I thank iFEEL for one of the best and fruitful experiences.

As I sit by today, I feel satisfied that I could do my parents proud, that I can now take a giant step towards a new phase of my career. What was a dream a couple years back feels real now. However, I am caught up in a huge emotional dilemma. A part of me is excited about the life that is to come, however, another part of me cannot get over the fact that I have almost reached the end of what was a beautiful journey of knowledge and joy.

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