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Employee or Employer? Choice is Yours!


“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs”

As rightly said, we all have one dream, one aspiration to create something of our own but, with our degrees and certificates we ultimately end up fervently building someone else’s dream.

Today the world has broadened its horizons and India is blooming with young and dynamic entrepreneurs making India the second country in the world with the largest number of entrepreneurs. The question here is that the world is ready to accept amateurs in the market but how far have they succeeded till now? The truth is most of the start-up gets throttled at the initial stages of their business and can never manage to see the face of success.

What are the reasons of this high rate of deterioration of start-ups? Being in today’s world we cannot consider the aspect of ‘lack of experience’ because there are equal amount of successful entrepreneurs as well. The reasons that lead to declination are lack of management skills and strategic planning; absence of which disrupts the whole idea of establishing your own organization.

These management skills can be achieved through a management program which equips students with management skills and focuses on making them successful entrepreneurs. Institute of Future Education Entrepreneurship & Leadership (iFEEL) offers 2 year AICTE approved PGDM program. Following are the features of iFEEL which inculcates the management education and brings an entrepreneur in you:

  • Residential Campus

A completely equipped residential campus following the footsteps of Gurukuls keeps away from every disturbance and helps in focusing better on education.

  • Experienced faculties

The institution is committed to provide best learning experience. Thus, it is equipped with the faculty having an excellent industry experience and proficiency in knowledge. iFEEL boasts about both international and national expertise as their faculties to widen the students’ global business knowledge.

  • Rain Lab

iFEEL introduced the concept of ‘Rain Lab’- Reflect, Act, Innovate and Nurture. It is a space for students to explore their creative mind and toil on plethora of ideas, prototype on certain product or service, execute it and come out with positive results.

  • Global Citizen Program –

GCLGlobal Citizen Leader (GCL) formulated by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) is a global initiative by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The students of iFEEL form a part of this unique learning experience which centered on enhancing leadership qualities. It falls amongst the best educational institutions in US. CCL is training 500 fortune companies across U.S.A

  • Outbound learning experience:

A fundamental part of iFEEL’s learning process is its ‘outbound learning experience’. There are specific activities organized for students, which enhances the leadership, team building and analytical qualities in every individual student.

  • Free International Study Tours:

Every year an international study tour is organized by iFEEL for students which help them to view global business world and work efficiently with people coming from different diversities.

  • Placement and internship in India and overseas:

iFEEL has been offering students with pan India and international internships and placements. The students are placed at executive positions in the industry. iFEEL has successfully converted international projects at Dubai into international placements.

What you become tomorrow completely depends upon, what you strive for today!

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