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Explore the world of Information Technology (IT) with PGDM Program

Information Technology has excellent career opportunities at national as well as international level and the PGDM program offers the right credentials to work in the management side of an IT industry.


Information Technology (IT) is an area which has experienced lot of significance after the progression in know-how started. These days we cannot think about a company (small, or big) without an IT assistance. Computer systems have become a fundamental element of every company’s life and so is the IT. This area of research not only contains the servicing of software, internet & intranet websites, but also the servicing of the components.

People who are passionate about all these can go for a profession in IT. Also, there are many individuals who are passionate about the management of Technological innovations industry. The IT has become a full division in a corporation these days, and there is a serious need of professionals to manage the control of the group. The skilled professionals are required to bring out these obligations and hence, this has thus made it necessary for the Colleges to start with an experienced management course in IT. One of the popular industry oriented management program is Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program which is offered by an AICTE approved institution.

iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) is one of the best B-Schools in Pune & Mumbai and offers PGDM program of two years with a specialization option in Information Systems & Technology. This program is specially designed with the motto of creating the potential leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of Information Technology.

There are several profession choices in this area for the applicants who are passionate about functioning of the computers and relevant topics. Also, there are many programs in the Colleges and Academic Organizations which teaches the passionate individuals about Technological innovation and one of them is PGDM program. Apart from the profession in information technology, it is possible to make a profession in the management of data technology.

Technology has gone through many changes and enhancements in the past few years. The improving globalization could be one of the aspects that has gotten tremendous changes in the area of technology and created this world a little place to reside in. Discussing of data with the use of technologies is not new today and has experienced many changes, too. Some progression has turned out to be valuable while some had to be altered by the new ones. Many such challenges are always faced in the real corporate world and if one has PGDM in hand, he can surely get over the problems with the innovative solutions for the same.

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