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Gain quality International Industry exposure through PGDM Program

There are many factors involved in the development of a certified student. One of the most essential has been industry exposure. A student who has been exposed to the industry is a student who is more aware of the possibilities that are out there in the field and who shows a greater commitment level and commitment to what he or she is interested in. Control is a practical subject which needs training and commercial contact with be successful.

career to a new level with PGDM ProgramIndustrial training functions an essential part in a pupil’s way of life for his expert development. Understanding of real conditions and pre-professional experience is provided. Students can gain some good experience of the industry and this in turn will increase their learning, expert capabilities. iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) learners gets an opportunity to communicate with those experienced working professionals who have been in the marketplace for many years and can learn from them about the company functions, management functions and company framework.

Valuable industry exposure with PGDM program

The main objective of iFEEL in offering industry or business exposure is to provide knowledge about various technologies frequent in the marketplace. Commercial exposure according to an AICTE accepted College like iFEEL is an essential strategy for exposing the learners to real way of life conditions of the industry and attire them with all the necessary capabilities. At iFEEL the aim is to provide exposure and networking possibilities with training managers. Over the last 4 months the learners have gone through an Industrial Visit to understand the various functions, techniques and retail store functions in an company.

After applying at iFEEL for the PGDM program, all the learners get the industry exposure through an out of the box effort called Rain Lab (R-Reflect, A-Act, I-Innovate & N-Nurture). This venture offers the learners with a company experience as they would have to create a real company out of their idea. They would thus get the essential experience of the various functions of management and view the better details of the same and nearness that the functions have to each other.

Internships are becoming an exclusive need for many careers. Though your credentials are essential, your experience can sometimes create the difference as companies definitely prefer those candidates who have had earlier industrial experience. iFEEL also provides nationwide & worldwide internships and thereby, helps their learners in getting the required business exposure.

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