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iFEEL students are part of a unique learning experience, called the Global Citizen Leader Program (GCL) which is devised by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB), a global initiative by the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). The GCL program is designed to develop leadership, innovation and social engagement among the students. This program aims to prepare students for the various workplace demands, by making them deal with real-time scenarios.

What is GCL?

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  • The Global Citizen Leaders (GCL) Program is designed to inculcate leadership abilities and real-time business thinking among students.
  • Various Fortune 500 companies participate in the GCL program, providing students with a problem statement, the solution to which the students need to decipher
  • The program witnesses the participation from more than 260 business schools across India and challenged them to apply their learning via dozens of social innovation projects which includes rural entrepreneurship, clean water, sanitation, education, entertainment, agriculture and other domains

Project Undertaken by iFEEL students:

Every year iFEEL students actively participate in the GCL program and undertake projects from various companies. The students undertake more than 12 projects every year and decipher a solution to the problem-statement given to them. In the process of doing so, the students undertake rigorous research work, which helps them finds out the root-cause of the problem and find the solution accordingly. The following is a GCL project successfully completed by the iFEEL students this year:


Penetration of Shamiana Short Films in Rural Areas

Shamiana is India’s only and fastest growing short film company which is passionate about showcasing the finest shortfilms of international and national origin, to the cross-section of the Indian population. The people behind Shamiana are the pioneers of the organized short film space in India and the parent company of Shamiana, Two Plus Productions, is into production and distribution of short films across the globe. Through the GCL program and participation of the iFEEL students, the company aimed to evaluate a solution to one of the growing problems- The distribution and penetration of short films in the rural market.

Thus, with this problem-statement Team Ashiana (consisting of 6 iFEEL-ites) began their extensive research and gathered appreciable amount of information. Mr.Cyrus Dastur (the industry mentor of the students for this project) offered the students with a comprehensive knowledge of the market share of shamiana in the urban areas and how it lacked audience in the rural areas of the country. The students began their project by collecting responses from more than 300 villagers which they used as a secondary data and gained some useful insights of the current scenario of the rural entertainment industry. The primary research was conducted by interviewing different stakeholders, which helped them in gathering useful information and lead to the solution of the problem.

Through the extensive research, the students devised the opportunity statements which best suited the problem. The prototypes were:

  1. Creating awareness about Shamiana Short Films, among the rural people by the following means
  • Screening in local schools and colleges
  • Use of social media, such as Whatsapp, for the distribution of short films
  1. Tying up with the local cable network for the screening of Shamiana Short Films


The Global Citizen Leaders (GCL) Program reaps benefits for the students by exposing them to the real-time business situations and helping them administer their innovative and leadership thinking to find solutions to the problem-statements. Through Programs like this one, CCL is working with educational institutions in multiple countries to reshape the educational system and equip students with essential tools and skills that are imperative in order to gain success in the dynamic business scenario.







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