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i4 Series conducted by Mr. Piyush Mistry & Mr. Amit Pandey

iFEEL being a core PGDM institute strives to provide its students with the best corporate exposure. One such platform provided to the students at iFEEL is the ‘i4 Speaker Series.’ The i4 session is conducted every Saturday wherein speakers from corporate who have achieved commendable heights are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the students in areas of Operations, Finance, HR, and Marketing.

This week’s i4 was conducted on 17th September 2016 at the iFEEL campus, Lonavala. The First speaker for the day was Mr. Piyush Mistry. Mr. Mistry is the Vice President- IT at JM Financial. He is a Competent professional with 17 years of experience in areas like IT support & Solutions, IT security Incident Management, Disaster Recovery Planning, Virtualization, and Cloud, Just to name a few. His areas of interest are IT, Finance and people management. The Areas which Mr. Piyush Mistry Covered for the session were Leadership Skills, Managing Human Talent, Qualities of a manager & Importance of sharing knowledge and building relationships followed by Question and Answer Session with Students. Vital Part of the speech included- Selection of  a right Leader, how to avoid conflicts, Some of the Management Skills, Start with small projects, different qualities of an Operation manager.



The Next Speaker of the day was Mr. Amit Pandey, Vice president, Procurement, SCM, HR, & Admin at Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd with more than 20 years of experience in Automobile and Telecom Sector. He has been involved in manpower planning, compensation structuring, HR Compliance & Performance appraisal. Due to his expertise in Supply Chain Management, he has been the recipient of many awards. His core competencies include Strategic Sourcing, Direct and Indirect Procurement, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma & total Quality Management. The areas which Mr. Amit Pandey covered for the session were Leadership, to be Positive, how to work on Failures, few Interview Tips and Challenges in the corporate world followed by a Question-Answer session with the students. Vital part of the speech included – Learnings in Life, Reality of best job, Three Most important People in our Life, triple 8 Theory, Secrets of HR, how to keep positive Attitude.’ He shared Examples which we could relate and his personal experiences.



Some important takeaways of the session were-  Always take Challenge as an opportunity, Giving your best to your decision is the best decision, Think Big, Start small, Best direction, Run fast , No job is small in the world do whatever job you get, keeping a positive attitude, whatever situation you are in.

We got a lot to learn from this session. And the thunderous response to the speakers also made them very happy and kept the energy alive.

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