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i4 Series conducted by Mr. Subramaniam C, President, HR, Siyaram

iFEEL being a core PGDM institute strives to provide its students with the best corporate exposure. One such platform provided to the students at iFEEL is the ‘i4 Speaker Series.’ The i4 session is conducted every Saturday wherein speakers from corporate who have achieved commendable heights are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the students in areas of Operations, Finance, HR, and Marketing.

This week’s i4 was conducted on 10th September 2016 at the iFEEL campus, Lonavala. The speaker of the session was Mr. Subramaniam C, President, HR, Siyaram’s with more than 20 years of experience in HR functions, Organisational development and training and development. He is a certified 16PF analyst, for personality assessment from MaFoi. The areas which Mr. Subramaniam covered for the session were Traits of a Leader, Corporate-Spirituality connect, Art of Dying and Challenges in the corporate world followed by a Question-Answer session with the students. Vital part of the speech included – Five qualities possessed by a Leader, ‘Passion, Integrity, Value Creation, Humility and Excellence.’



He shared about the young entrepreneurs who are striving to change the scenario of the country with traits such as high risk-taking ability which was missing in the earlier generations. A mother is the best person to learn management principles from, this is what he believes. How change is a crucial part of the corporate and of the universe as a whole and adapting change with patience can take our country places.
Some important takeaways from the session were- Humble approach towards situations can help us cope up with downfalls, no matter what, always work towards betterment and never compromise on your values and principles because people are looking for Leaders who don’t compromise with their values. The final words by which he ended the session were- Being able to transform someone’s Life is the most important quality that a Leader must possess.

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