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i4 session conducted by Ms. Purvi Parkeria & Mr. Rupankar Chakrabarti

iFEEL being a core PGDM institute, strives to provide its students with the best corporate exposure possible. One such platform provided to the students at iFEEL is the ‘i4 Speaker Series’. The i4 session is conducted every Saturday wherein speakers from corporates who have achieved commendable heights in their careers are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the students in the areas of Operations, Finance, HR and Marketing.


An i4 series session for the batch 2016-18 was conducted on 27th August 2016 at the iFEEL campus, Lonavala. The first speaker of the session was Ms. Purvi Parkeria, Senior Vice President at IIFL, with 15 years of experience in Financial Planning, Mutual Funds, and Asset Allocation.


The areas which Ms. Parkeria covered for the speaker series session were private equity space and wealth management space followed by a Question Answer session with the students. The main takeaways from the session included – managing liquidity, cash flow in investment advisory, diverse roles of wealth management like sales, product and back office. She gave the basic understanding of MIS, tax planning, and family office. She concluded with how ESOPs play an important role in compensation and the hierarchy of wealth management. Thus the session covered many aspects of Finance.


The second speaker of the day was Mr. Rupankar Chakrabarti, Head HR Operations at Reliance Life Science, with an experience of over 17 years in strategic management implementation, employee recruitment, talent acquisition and manpower budgeting. Mr. Chakrabarti shared insights regarding understanding market dynamics, brands, and customer insights and using the same to create the right impression during an interview. He emphasized on the importance of a candidate’s first impression, their social networking concepts and the importance of it. He quoted,” The way we believe in ourselves reflects mostly on the way people perceive us. He pointed out that behavioural aspects are more important than technical aspects. He ended the session by saying– A thousand words will not leave such  a deep


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