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iFEEL: Your Destination For A Better Future

With the changing world, where developed countries are rapidly taking its troll over the markets of developing countries or underdeveloped countries, these countries have the overwhelming potential of the market growth. In 1980s the concept of merging markets was introduced by Japanese and this process was termed as ‘Glocalization’ which means Glocalization serve as the means of combining the idea of globalization with that of local deliberation.

Glocalization has set its foot in every sector of the corporate world. In a jiffy the market trend had changed its theories entirely. It became the dire need for the education industry to produce professionals who would match-up the standards of Glocal business. Educational management colleges started introducing the international component in their curriculum. Still there was a need of something more in order to create industry experts. iFEEL is a institute with the motive of providing exposure on an international level.

Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL)

Offer AICTE approved contemporary and comprehensive 2years full-time post graduate diploma in management (PGDM) program where the student gets cultural exposure which enlighten the students with different cultural environments. iFEEL encourages its students to develop a vision for Glocal market. We organize foreign study tours which are constructed with the following motive:

  • Theme based study tours (eg: ‘innovation and design thinking’)
  • Visits various multinational organizations to understand the work culture
  • Students get to interact with working professionals
  • Interaction with local people for the better cultural understanding

International Programs like GCL and CCL have been a part of our curriculum which helps in guiding and enlightening our students to enhance their analytical skills and prepare them for global market. iFEEL PGDM program comes with the complete package of local and global knowledge.

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