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Innovation Culture At Top MBA College In Pune

“Effective learning comes from integrating technology as a primary learning tool”

We no longer live in the times when studying and knowledge was restricted to only one medium i.e. books. We have entered the world of change, the world of technology. Everything around us is a combination of this. Without innovation and technology the world would be very different than what it is today. Who knew in the past that one day education will become technologically advanced and developed?

innovationMoving ahead of the bookish knowledge into the era of digital learning and e-learning tools the quality of education has improved remarkably. There are many MBA Colleges in Mumbai to choose from. But what are the first and the most important priority which you would want a business school to provide you? Don’t you want to learn through innovation which can make your future even brighter and prosperous? Who doesn’t want the touch of innovation led learning and become a global level professional?

iFEEL is a residential Business School in Lonavala which offers you unique management and development programs. It is one of the best AICTE approved MBA colleges in Pune. It was established by the Global Education Trust in the year 2010 and since then this institute has maintained its record of Quality and excellence in the field of Education. iFEEL is well enhanced with a world class campus which is over 5 acres of land amongst the serene beauty of nature. You will experience learning amidst the best in class technology oriented facilities like completely Wi-Fi enabled campus, huge seminar halls and conference rooms. If you are a girl and you always dreaded the thought of staying in a hostel then here is some good news for you. This institute has different hostel facility for the girls, boys and the members of the faculty.

iFEEL proved itself as the top MBA college in Pune when its students won the 1st prize at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge (NEC) which was organized by the IIT Bombay 2015. This was made possible due to the innovation culture which iFEEL has adapted to.

Its students have formed the e-cell which conducts and organizes different activities which have the main focus of developing and encouraging entrepreneurship in the campus. To take this on the next level, they also organize interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs and startups to guide and motivate entrepreneurship and its core values within all.

There is no surprise that this e-cell works closely with the IIT Bombay. Another component to this innovation culture is the rain lab which is established on the iFEEL campus. This makes iFEEL secure a top place amongst the top MBA colleges in Pune. The rain (reflect, act, innovate and nurture) lab was started under the expert guidance of 2 innovators named Dr. Sten Ekman and Dr. Annalil Ekman. They are practicing experts in the area of innovation led entrepreneurship and they provide the same training to the iFEEL students as well.

This AICTE approved MBA college has the privilege of being known as the most student friendly institute in Pune. Its students were selected to be the participants at the Design Innovation workshop organized by the MIT Media Lab, USA and Weschool.

Let your present inspire your future!!

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