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Innovation in Education at iFEEL

Nothing possibly goes faster than a well thought and innovative concept. An impressive concept when managed and implemented properly leads to complete enterprise development and sets a standard for future advancement. In the past, international educational organizations have been using impressive concept control methods to generate perceptive development and progression. These mostly take place in the form of open competitions, events and discussions, where the viewers at large are motivated to share their thoughts and concepts.


Innovation in education is not just limited to educational firms taking impressive projects. High quality institutions involved in education and studying projects too have made use of unique concept generation techniques in order to promote knowledge discussions and educational development.

Therefore, educational and other international institutions can make use of advancement by investing in advanced concept control solutions. This will encourage key industry influencers and other people to voice up their views and engage in modern conversations. Basically, it will create an atmosphere of combined intellect with a line of creativity. Furthermore, when it’s the training and education industry, nothing works better than free streaming concepts and creativity. As it is all about studying and re-learning that raise the standard of the education as a whole.

Innovative Learning through RAIN Lab

One of the best B-Schools in Mumbai and Pune offers innovative learning through a well structured two years Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) which permits the candidates to work on their thoughts and concepts in order to gain the appropriate industry exposure. iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) is an AICTE approved Institution which has started an out of the box laboratory for their students. This RAIN Lab (R-Reflect, A-Act, I-Innovate & N-Nurture) which was established in February 2012 is proving beneficial for all the enrolled students in being a step ahead of others in the job market.

Moreover, this RAIN lab enables the students to get guidance from International faculties and industry experts for their innovative projects. The PGDM program is specially designed in order to help the students in acquiring the latest and the best knowledge about the management studies and RAIN Lab is a right platform to undertake industry related projects and coming up with innovative solutions for the existing problems in the industry. The student bodies at this young, yet vibrant B-School also assists the students to voice out their creative ideas and implement them with the proper guidance of the veteran faculty and industry personnel.

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