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iFEEL’s iSUMMIT 2017

iSUMMIT was the first event conducted at the iFEEL Institute in the year 2017. It was held on the 7th and 8th of January. The aim of iSUMMIT was to learn while you have fun. It involved people from various industry backgrounds addressing the students. A number of interesting games followed. Students from various colleges participated and competed with each other.


The highlights of iSUMMIT


E-series invites people who have some notable achievements in their respective fields. The speakers for this year were Mr. Amitabh Khanna (Head of Business Operations, Reliance Payment Solutions Ltd), Mr. Amit Tripathi (MD, IDEATELabs, Director & Cofounder at Triggerbridge), Mr. Manish Harodia(Cofounder, DreamWallets). They shared some valuable industry insights with the students and enlightened them with their knowledge and wisdom.


Investa was a mind wracking game based on the age old concept of demand and supply. The students were given limited time and resources. They had to apply their knowledge and intellect to predict. 14 teams competed with each other. Eventually, the teams which provided the most cost effective solutions were selected.

Be my Sherlock

There were a number of case studies, distributed among the students in three rounds. The best case cracker was crowned as “Sherlock of Case studies”. They solved these exciting case studies based on the real life events. These future leaders proved to be the Sherlock of the management world.

Youth Parliament

The youth parliament is an event where a debate was conducted over certain relevant topics which were given on the spot, with a twist of having it in a parliamentary way. Each student got a chance to voice his opinion and give his vote on a particular topic. The students were thrilled with the concept of mass voting and participated in huge numbers.


Ruralize was one event which helped the students showcase their creativity and marketing skills. It goes without saying that a huge population in India still lives in rural areas. The teams competed together by applying their marketing strategies to promote a highly urban product to a rural market. The most effective marketing strategy and presentation was awarded.

NASSCOM workshop

A workshop was conducted with a theme of entrepreneurship by Mr. Darryl Zuzarte (Startup Warehouse Manager at NASSCOM). The workshop attracted students in large numbers as it was all about entrepreneurship right from ideation, incubation to execution. The students asked relevant questions to the speaker based on his experience.
Facebook Workshop

A workshop by Mr. Saurabh Doshi(Facebook-Head Media Partnerships) was conducted with the theme ”Facebook-The recipe of success”. This workshop gave insights into the success factors of Facebook, their culture and their latest technologies. He also shared with the students the new innovations brought in by Facebook in the field of social media.

Game Zone

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. A game zone was created for the students to participate in fun games like Need for Speed and Counter strike. The students were given awards based on their performance.
iSummit proved to be a great learning and enriching experience to the students. Like always, iFEEL did something remarkable once again.

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