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Institute that creates Dreamers, Achievers and Winners!

iFeel-Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership, is regarded as one of the leading MBA colleges in India. Located among the scenic beauty of Lonavala, iFeel is a management institute that takes an individual beyond the scope of a conventional MBA college. While most of the B-schools work on abilities and skills, the mission of iFeel is to develop the inherent entrepreneurial and leadership qualities of the students and bring them to the brim. Being conferred with the “IIT AWARD”, the AIMS AWARD and the CSR AWARD (proposed), iFeel has reached the position of one of the premier B-Schools of India, within a few years of its inception. The students are made to exchange their thoughts, ideas and passion and are encouraged to innovate and reach new paradigms in the arena of management. iFeel majorly focuses on creating a talent pool, that doesn’t only focus on earning a degree, but also encourages the students in becoming successful and leading professionals in their respective careers.

iFeel aims at training prospective entrepreneurs in the contemporary and comprehensive arenas of business management. They provide a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), focusing on Entrepreneurship and Leadership, which has the flexibility to include the aspects of any new and emerging trends of business and management. The 2 Year Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma Course in Management at iFeel, takes into consideration any industry suggestions and feedback, based on the same. iFeel is one of the sole institutes that have adopted an Industry-Integrated Curriculum, which is combined with Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development.

Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool), which is one of the top Management Institute in India, is the Mentor Institute of iFeel. This alliance has enabled iFeel to deliver its mission even more efficiently. The association provides an extensive industry exposure to the students and also has a very positive impact on the content of the study material. This association also has helped iFeel in delivering a supreme quality of academics and vast exposure with an extensive connection with the corporate India. This is just to build the professional attitude in the personality of the students, which a very major requirement of the corporate world currently. The corporate world today is looking for the Torch Bearers of Tomorrow, those who are not just academically sound but also possesses qualities of innovation and leadership considerably. So, iFeel develops a student in a way that they have the passion to excel in all walks of life and also has the determination to emerge as winners- professionals who don’t only possess innovative ideas, but also know how they can implement them and make a change. At iFeel the focus is on developing the overall characteristics of the students, rather than just imparting them with a higher degree of education. iFeel focuses on developing their students as successful and passionate entrepreneurs, who have the zeal to emerge victorious in every task and who doesn’t only have innovative ideas, but also know how to implement those ideas in order to gain the desirable results.

Dr.Sanjay Salunkhe, who is a 1st generation successful entrepreneur in the educational sector, is the Director of iFeel. iFeel is a result of his vision. Dr.Salunkhe believes in the fact that choosing the right management college is one of the most important decisions that a student needs to take and to choose the right college is indeed very important. It’s only during the Post Graduation Management Degree course that a student acquires desired business knowledge and triggers the entrepreneurship and business qualities in them. Therefore, according to Dr.Salunkhe, Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership is designed and created with the primary motive of imparting Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education to facilitate and mould the budding managers into successful entrepreneurs, which is the need of the hour.

iFeel operates with the primary vision to develop Entrepreneurship and Leadership qualities in the students. iFeel operates with the mission to impart management education of global standards to students. Thus, not only making them responsible global citizens, but also transforming them into a complete professional. iFeel also undertakes research and consultancy for the betterment of the society and the industry within which it operates. The operations of iFeel are designed in a way so that they continuously evolve themselves in innovative processes and use the best practices of governance. The primary mission of iFeel is to build an intellectual pool of students, faculty and alumni through innovative processes, student and faculty development programs and networking.

iFeel offers a 2-year fulltime residential AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) that is propounded to produce Leaders and Entrepreneurs through a contemporary and comprehensive business management course. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management has the flexibility to incorporate the new trends in business, while providing the basic knowledge of business management. The residential PGDM program is designed in a way that it has the main focus on Entrepreneurship and Leadership Excellence. It also takes into account any industry suggestions and feedbacks. The students even got the opportunity to interact with eminent personality like Kishore Biyani (CEO, Future Group of Companies) and gain valuable insights on how to emerge as a successful professional in the industry. Therefore the program helps to develop the inherent leadership and entrepreneurship qualities of the students, so that they can make an efficient use of it and achieve great heights of success in the corporate world. In addition to that iFeel encourages students to portray their innovative self through the Rain Lab, which is an innovation Lab. They conduct series like the i4 series and Global Citizen Leadership (GCL) program, which gives the students opportunity to interact with industry experts of the field. The i4 series is an interactive session, where significant personalities from the industry visit the campus and answer to the various queries of the students. This helps the students to obtain a personalized insight of the industry, where they will be entering soon.

iFEEL Institute

iFeel aims at providing an extensive facility for the development of the students. The students are provided with an industry exposure through national and international internships. Students are given internship opportunitities in reputed countries in Japan, China, etc in addition to the MNC’s in India. The students are also subjected to academic and industry interviews by note-worthy and professional experts, to make them industry-ready. This is an exclusive offering of iFeel to its students, which happens in no other institutes in the country. In addition to this, iFeel also possess a 100% placement record, thus helping the students start their career on a very bright note. The students from the institute have been recruited by top MNC’s from all corners of the world. Thus, iFeel helps the students find a direction in  their career, develops the leadership and entrepreneurial qualities in them and places them in the jobs that are best suitable for them, so that they can have a successful career in the corporate world an an efficient professional.

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