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Learn Through International Experience

In Japan people have too much of work pressure, employees aren’t allowed to take a vacation even for a week, where as in Germany and Spain there is no havoc of overtime, family is given priority and work does not affect one’s personal life. There are plenty of such believable and unbelievable facts around the globe. Every country has its unique culture, working style and different set of priorities.

Developing a vision of an international market is not a piece of a cake, one has to develop thorough knowledge of cultural, lingual and work ethics differences of any country. Widening your vision to that extent could be attained only through few international experiences. A person have to gain exposure to understand how does an international market work and how two countries interact while making any business deal.

Just acquiring the business education is not sufficient to set your foot in the global market. One has to achieve a certain level of international experience is also important. At Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) offers AICTE approved contemporary and comprehensive 2years full-time post graduate diploma in management (PGDM) program in which a student is exposed to different cultural environments in different ways. iFEEL encourages its students to develop a vision for global market. We focus on providing the wisdom of knowledge at global level. iFEEL, conducts foreign study tours which are constructed with the following criterion:

  • Theme based study tours (eg: ‘innovation and design thinking’)
  • Visits various multinational organizations to understand the work culture
  • Students get to interact with the working professionals
  • Interaction with local people for the better cultural understanding

In this era where globalization has taken over the market, every management aspirant would want to find a niche in the global job business. Considering the need of the knowledge at the international level and with the completion which is growing every day, student should grab the opportunity of becoming the best leader in the global corporate world. Join iFEEL and win the race of being the best.


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