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Make The Right Choice: Before It’s Too Late


Only three percent of students are observed to take up a job right after their graduation whereas, majority of students plunge into various MBA programs. This rush sometimes leads to the immature decisions for career, before you indulge into any management program there has to be some reasonably valid reasons for taking up a particular management program.


Do I Need a Management Program?

You can certainly obtain some entry-level positions in organizations without having a management degree. However, the promotion will become a big question if you enter the corporate world without having any management training; there are certain positions which can be occupied only by a management degree holder, advanced positions and promotions often require an MBA or higher level of education.

What Can I Do With a Management Program?

Business administration graduates have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries. Every organization today places heavy importance on executing management duties. Companies need qualified professionals to direct their efforts and teams in a profit driven attitude on a daily basis. Your job depends solely on your education and specialization; it is your responsibility to figure out your interests and the nature of your job.

Which Institute Should I Select?

These days, organizations chase the candidates with the knowledge of the global market. You should be capable enough to observe the market trends and act relatively on the demands of the multinational organizations. The candidate who realizes and fits completely on the criteria of the recruiters is absorbed right away. It becomes your responsibility to choose the institute which will help you to enhance your management skills and create a better future for you.

Why You Should Choose iFEEL?

Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) offers AICTE approved contemporary and comprehensive 2years full-time post graduate diploma in management (PGDM) program. This institute covers every aspect that an individual needs to become a management professional at the global level.

Following are the key features of iFEEL PGDM:

  1. Rain Lab

iFEEL is the first to introduce the concept of ‘Rain Lab’- Reflect, Act, Innovate and Nurture. It is a space for students to explore their creative mind and toil on plethora of ideas, prototype on certain product or service, execute it and come out with positive results.


  1. Global Citizen Program -GCL

Global Citizen Leader (GCL) formulated by Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) is a global initiative by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). The students of iFEEL form a part of this unique learning experience which centered on enhancing leadership qualities. It falls amongst the best educational institutions in US. CCL is training 500 fortune companies across U.S.A


  1. Outbound learning experience:

A fundamental part of iFEEL’s learning process is its ‘outbound learning experience’. There are certain activities organized for students, which enhances the leadership, team building and analytical qualities in every individual student.


  1. International Study Tours:

Every year a free international study tour is organized by iFEEL for students, which helps them to experience the real global business world and work efficiently with people coming from different diversities.


  1. Placement and internship in India and overseas:

iFEEL has been offering students with pan India and international internships and placements. The students are placed at executive positions in the industry. iFEEL has successfully converted international projects at Dubai into international placements. We have successfully maintained a 100% placement record.

We provide intense corporate exposure for building your successful career.

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