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MBA College In Pune That Takes You For International Study Tour

Who says that Education is all about theory? Who says that books have to be your best friends only then you will achieve success in learning the concepts? Do you really stand by these statements? Will it be logically correct to say that only with the help of dedicated theory learning we can pass the test? The times have changed. In the earlier years, the world wasn’t so dynamic. There weren’t so many developments and changes in different segments of life. But now we live in the age of technology. There isn’t any component which hasn’t undergone advancement and development.

MBA colleges in PuneThe Field of Education has also become more enhanced and powerful. All Corporate searches for complete package professionals who can provide them with work excellence. AICTE approved MBA colleges are coming into the scenario of providing this output to the Business Industry. Management programs empower the individuals to gain better out of their existing talents and knowledge. Nowadays, the talent has reached new heights. Every alternate aspirant that we meet is extremely talented and skilled in the domain of his/ her choice.

Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) at Lonavala is known as one of the best AICTE approved MBA Colleges in Pune. iFEEL is a residential business school located on 5 acres of scenic lush green land of natures dwelling place. This Institute offers 2 main programs viz Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in 4 different specializations like Marketing, Operations, Human Resource and Finance. The duration for this course is 2 years. Then the second program is the Entrepreneurship Excellence Program (EEP)/ Family Managed Business (FMB) Program of 11 months duration.

Amongst the many unique differentiators of this institute, the best and most beneficial one is the following one;

iFEEL organizes a fully sponsored International Study Tour for all its students. The main motive behind this initiative is that this institute believes in preparing its students in the present so that in future they emerge as global leaders. In this highly competitive and challenging world, being a global leader is on high priority. It is very important to have the working knowledge about the business environments internationally and also about the various Global Best Practices adopted worldwide.

This is reason why iFEEL is considered number 1 amongst the top management colleges in Pune. In the past years, iFEEL has taken its students to Japan, China and Sweden as its International Study Tours Destinations. All the students who were a part of this tour got access to the lifetime opportunity of learning about the various concepts and techniques which are adopted by big Multinational Corporate on the Global level.

When the term top MBA College in Pune comes in picture, the only name coming to mind is iFEEL. Along with International Study Tour, this Institute also offers International Placements and Internships to the deserving iFEEL students.

What else could one ask for in a Management Institute? There are many who can prepare you merely on the basis if theory knowledge. But there are only few who have the strength of making you stand as a global corporate leader.

Connect with iFEEL today and join hands with the ‘Successful You’ today!!

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