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MBA v/s PGDM – Which is better?

Many management aspirants are confused as to MBA is better or PGDM, and hence, this article provides an answer to this question


Should I do MBA or a PGDM? This query is the first query that comes to the mind of a prospective student who has just began to think about a management or business administration profession after successfully completing his graduation. One of the misconceptions prevalent in our nation is that MBA is much better than PGDM, because it is a degree while PGDM is a post graduate diploma. But what is the actual picture?

PGDM programs (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) are normally All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) accepted and can be independent as well, but an MBA program is always associated to a University. Another distinction, a significant one, is that the course curriculum for PGDM is powerful and can modify every phrase as per the requirements of the market, but MBA program has to adhere to the Syllabi of the University and changes after several decades.

Nowadays, PGDM program is regarded more valuable than the MBA, due to their modern strategy, versatile subjects and market importance whereas the MBA programs are suffering from obsolete syllabi and deficiency of personalized strategy. Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is one of most recommended company control courses nowadays, which guarantees great profession possibilities. PGDM is depending on the most efficient information of managing abilities that stay the first need of any company.

The PGDM program from one of the best B-Schools in India such as iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) offer the best value by resulting in better positions in the job market after completion of the well tailored industry incorporated program and by offering market appropriate information that is consistently modified. This AICTE approved institution has excellent infrastructure facilities as well as has full wi-fi campus.

Along with this, the well furnished and air conditioned classrooms, conference rooms, seminar halls, library, computer laboratory, language laboratory and the innovative initiative named RAIN Lab (R-Reflect, A-Act, I-Innovate, N-Nurture) contribute to the imparting of knowledge to the students and the international placements, internships and study tours add to the industry experience of the candidates.

The PGDM program which is offered at this best B-School in Mumbai & Pune is one of those programs which offer international industry exposure and thus help the students to stay ahead in this competitive world. This program which is equivalent to the MBA program is a better option to grab the profitable pay package in the industry.

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