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Our Look at the Digital Marketing Trends of 2016!

The beginning of a year brings new marketing predictions and trends along with it. With the increasing significance of digital marketing in the current scenario, it has become imperative for marketers to analyze the prevailing market trends and plan their marketing strategies accordingly. Thus, companies need to adopt online marketing activities that have the greatest commercial impact and positively influence the consumer behavior.

The following graph shows the result of the survey by Smartinsights.com, on “Digital Activities with Greatest Commercial Impact, 2016” undertaken in February 2016:


(Image Source: www.smartinsights.com)

According to the prevailing digital marketing scenario, the following are the major online marketing trends that are expected to dominate in 2016:

  • The Rise of Content Marketing- Reports suggest that the popularity of content marketing will continue unabated into this year as well. This showcases that marketers will abandon the traditional digital marketing strategies and will depend on creating more inspiring and creative content. Therefore, companies will pay more attention to content curation, in a more emphatic and client-oriented way.
  • Bloom of Marketing Analytics- Marketers generally use numerous analytics tools to see how customers interact with the company’s products and services. Furthermore, the application of marketing automation technologies is expected to grow by 50% in 2016. In short, marketing of the data will become significant in any digital marketing strategy.
  • More of Video Marketing- The last few years has seen extensive usage of videos for the purpose of marketing. Videos are the perfect medium to showcase how a product or service works and it appeals to customers more than texts and images. Thus, the trend of video marketing is expected to grow extensively in 2016, with more companies resorting to video marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing gaining prominence- The importance and use of mobile phones is expected to grow in each and every aspect of business, including marketing activities. With the widespread usage of mobile phones in the current scenario, the marketing strategies which are in sync with mobiles tend to have a far-reaching impact on the customers. This has made mobile marketing an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. Thus, this year is expected to see a considerable proportion of digital marketing focusing on only mobile marketing, through innovative mobile advertisements.
  • Personalized means Better- A personalized content allows marketers to better interact with their customers and cater to their requirements. By offering personalized content, marketers will be able to increase the sales, convince users to stay longer on their websites and foster greater customer satisfaction. Therefore, personalization of content is expected to become widely accepted in 2016, leading to the growth of personalized marketing.

In order to generate more leads, online marketing strategies adopted by marketers should be at par with the preferences and behaviors of the target audience. Considering the predictions and trends of 2016, it is significant that digital marketing is on its way to become the most significant marketing preference to be adopted by business enterprises.

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