10 Unwritten Rules of a Management College

IFEEL Management College

Along with the admission card to a management college, you get a rule book. It tells you about the Do’s and Don’ts for the next two years. However, you need to read between the lines. There are certain untold rules of a management institute that one needs to follow throughout the journey towards getting a management degree. 1. Grades are ...

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How can HR Manager Contribute to Business Success?

Contribution of HR in Business Success

HRM plays a key role in the success of the business. The HR department is the link between the employees and the higher management. The employees and the employer both need HR in the organization. An organization, without Human Resource Managers will face numerous issues. Let’s understand the contribution of the HR department to the business. Hire the right person ...

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Roles and Responsibilities of Finance Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of Finance Manager

According to Joseph Massie, “Financial management is the operational activity of a business that is responsible for obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds necessary for efficient operations.” It is a general assumption that a finance manager works only in the accounts department or he has to deal with the cash flow. In reality, he has a large number of things ...

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Celebrate Womanhood. Celebrate Life.

Women's Day 2017

A woman is a pivotal source of love and inspiration. Mother, sister, better half or daughter, women play it all with elegance and perfection. She multitasks as if she is born with eight hands and an elephant’s memory. Indian women have always been looked down upon by the male dominated society. However, time and again the fairer sex has proved ...

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Career Options and Job Prospects after PGDM in Operations

Career Options in operations

PGDM in Operations is very different from the usual specializations. Usually engineering graduates or technically inclined students choose to pursue operations because a job in operations requires technical knowledge along with managerial skills. Ideally, an operations manager does all that an engineer with more than five years of experience does. He has to fine tune the day-to-day business process and ...

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Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Management

functions of human resource management

One cannot ignore the fact that manpower is the most important asset of the company. With the advancement in technology and automation, the need for physical labor has reduced. However, human capital cannot be completely replaced. And for human capital to function smoothly, human resource management is essential in every organization, irrespective of its nature and size. A human resource ...

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Career Opportunities after PGDM in Finance

Career Opportunities in Finance

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management offers many exciting career opportunities, which are not only challenging, but also provides you with a hefty salary package. Every firm needs people from finance background. Also, government institutions need finance managers. Only putting the right numbers in the right boxes is not finance management. Be a Cash Manager and play with numbers A ...

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Career Options and Job Prospects after PGDM in HR

career opportunities-6

A PGDM in Human Resource Management opens many doors for the young management graduates. HR is one profession that gives you a chance to interact with a number of people from various cultures and temperaments every day. Also, you get to learn a lot about legal policies, market trends, organization’s business model and human psychology. Basically, you get to interact ...

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Career Opportunities after PGDM in Marketing

Career after PGDM in Marketing

You might have a number of career opportunities while pursuing PGDM in Marketing. It is obvious because marketing is a broad concept. There are various avenues for a marketing student, which not many are aware of. One can choose from a plethora of job opportunities after Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. Sales Manager Sales can be anything from calling ...

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5 Reasons to do a PGDM Course

PGDM course in pune

Are you unsure about your career after graduation? You will come across a number of options, opportunities and suggestions. One of the most lucrative career options is PGDM. (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) It is not only rewarding, but also well aligned with the current industry trends. A number of colleges in India offer PGDM, but making the right choice ...

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