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PGDM – a program equivalent to MBA

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program which is of two years is the perfect management studies program which ensures overall development.

PGDM - a program equivalent to MBA

One of the major problems that are experienced by management postulates is related to deciding on the best field of study in the business administrative studies. One of the key questions that hassle them frequently is: Should I enroll of a PGDM program right now or for a MBA program? The paradox in the question is that most of the candidates are not even aware of the similarities and differences between ‘PGDM’ and ‘MBA’.

It is a perception in our nation that MBA is much better than PGDM, just because PGDM is a Diploma and MBA is a Degree. Contrary to this, it is important that which course provides better prospective buyers. While MBA is a University based degree program accepted by the UGC and is Traditional with relatively low flexibility. MBA programs in India are those programs which are especially designed for the students who are interested to know about the management side with affordable positioning possibilities. However, PGDM program is IIM based diploma which is accepted by the All India Council for technical Education (AICTE). This Amazing industry oriented program has excellent flexibility and is provided by the private Institutions and thus is more versatile with high job opening possibilities.

Why is PGDM program important?

The PGDM program, as described above is provided by independent organizations which are industry centric.  The Institutions update themselves to promote needs and they continually change their curricula to deal with the problems of the corporation and to incorporate new developments in the self-discipline.  Furthermore, they offer excellent value involved subjects and category to enhance the employability of the learners and to brush up their abilities. Hence they not only concentrate on concept but also on personal and expert growth of the students.  Given the changing times of recession and the ever changing Business landscapes MBA graduate learners from the university lack the updation expected by the industry. Therefore, learners generally choose PGDM program over MBA, nowadays.

The PGDM program is provided by many AICTE accepted Institutions, but one of the popular institution is iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership) which is in the stunning Lonavala and is available from Mumbai and Pune within 2 hours. The well organized PGDM program is provided in semester pattern, and also allows the learners to go for summer internship after completion of first year. There are many classes which are provided by international instructors from highly well-known organizations and colleges and universities of globally position.

iFEEL is one of those well-known PGDM organizations which is also suggested due to excellent infrastructure facilities, experienced and expert education, worldwide positioning and research possibilities, impressive and top quality knowledge, and a lot more. The industry incorporated PGDM program can be profession increaser for those who are willing to make it big in the business.

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