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PGDM in Operations Management and its Importance in Today’s Business

As a management student, you need to choose a specialization based on your interest and previous experience. A number of students opt for a PGDM in operations. Operations management is a common specialization among leading business schools around the world. Now, what is operations management? What makes a student choose operations? What are the skills required to pursue a PGDM in operations? Let’s dig deep into all these aspects.

PGDM in Operations Management

What is PGDM in operations management?

Operations management involves planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services. It is more delivery focused. Inputs, processing and output, this is the cycle that repeats in operations management. The inputs range from raw material, technology or human resources.
Operations management is closely associated with supply chain and logistics. An operations manager looks after the process control, performance improvement and quality checks. To sum up, operations involve management of people, processes and systems for the delivery of a product or service.

Importance of Operation Management in an organization

Apart from marketing and finance, operations management is the largest function in any organization. An operations manager has to interact with various departments like finance, human resource, manufacturing and quality assurance. Operation management is more important in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry involves a lot of processes like obtaining raw material to after sale services.

However, operations management includes a number of other aspects like understanding the requirement, quality assurance and quality control, supplier management, vendor management, maintenance, data warehousing, etc. Basically, the objectives are resource utilization and customer service.

Eligibility and job prospects

To pursue a Post Graduation Diploma in Operations Management, a student should be a graduate from a recognized university. However, a number of students from engineering backgrounds opt for operations. The reason is that some amount of engineering knowledge and managerial expertise are required to perform effectively in operations. Needless to say that effective communication skills are required. Additionally, a person has to be familiar with information technology, quantitative analysis, people management and problem solving.

A student with a PGDM is operation management has job opportunities in public as well as private sector. Risk management is one area where operation managers are required. Similarly, purchasing manager, plant manager, service operations director, supply chain manager, quality control officer, warehouse manager, etc. can be some of the suitable job profiles.

PGDM in operations can be an interesting career option for highly dynamic and technically inclined individuals. Also, it is monetarily rewarding.

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