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Which PGDM Specialization Suits You the Most?

After you decide to enroll for PGDM, the next question is: Which specialization should I go for? You are at a crossroads when you have to decide between the multiple options that your college has to offer. Your work profile, organization, pay scale, etc. will all depend on your specialization. Let’s get a basic understanding of which specialization suits you the most.

Should I enroll for Post Graduation Diploma in Financial Management?

If you choose PGDM in finance, you have to dig deep into accounting, investment management, retail, mergers and acquisition, etc. If you have a flair for numbers and calculation, finance is your cup of tea. You need to have an analytical mindset, decision making skills and be comfortable with statistics. Additionally, if you have pursued your graduation in accounts or finance then this is the right option for you.

Finance managers become investment bankers too, which is a very well paid job. It is obvious that studying finance is a notch tougher than other specialization. However, you cannot ignore the perks that it offers.

Should I enroll for Post Graduation Diploma in Marketing Management?

If you choose PGDM in marketing, you have to study brand management, retail, CRM, buyer behavior, etc. A creative person with some wacky and wonderful ideas is most suitable for marketing field. Also, you need to posses some selling and convincing skills. Good communication and presentation skills are a must. If you want to work in a highly dynamic environment and are always open to change, then marketing is the right choice for you.

Marketing is a crucial component for any company to be able to make a mark in a competitive world. Also, digital marketing is on the boom today. You can proceed toward full-fledged sales or go into brand management.

Should I enroll for Post Graduation Diploma in Operations Management?

If you choose PGDM in operations management, you will get to explore logistics, supply chain management, vendor management, quality control and quality assurance, etc. It is said that operations is most suitable for students with engineering background as it requires technical inclination as well as management skills. Additionally, a person has to be familiar with information technology, quantitative analysis, people management and problem solving.

A student with a PGDM is operation management has job opportunities in public as well as private sector.

Should I enroll for Post Graduation Diploma in HR Management?

A student can choose PGDM in HR in case you are a people’s person. You have to study training management, recruitment, employee engagement, etc. Students with good communication skills and pleasing personality can choose the HR domain. You need to switch roles between a strict manager, a polite counselor or an able leader.
Students from any background can take up HR. You will get to work for a recruitment firm. An HR can work as a trainer too.

To sum up, choosing the management specialization depends on your interest and aspirations. Think twice before you make a choice.

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