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Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management – A Rewarding Career Option

Marketing management is one of the most common specializations that any management aspirant aims for. Marketing is a crucial activity in every organization and hence marketing personnel are required everywhere. Let us have a walkthrough of PGDM in marketing.

Benefits of Marketing Management

What is Marketing Management?

‘You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.’ Marketing is basically selling any product to the consumers. It is about knowing your target audience, knowing your product and selling it in the market. Now in marketing management, a student will learn product development and design, brand and product management, marketing services, managing customer and business relationships, franchising, etc.

You will get to explore digital marketing during your marketing management program. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing. It is the need of the hour. With the advancement in technology, digital marketing is on the boom. It involves marketing mainly on the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, etc. It revolves around the concepts of marketing, but on a digitized platform.

Scope and Opportunities after PG Diploma in marketing management

It is obvious that marketing is an integral part of any organization in India and overseas. A trained marketing graduate can play a key role in analyzing the competition, identifying customer behaviors and their needs and can accordingly develop business strategies more efficiently. Certain organizations undertake hardcore sales while others focus more on digital marketing strategies.

After your marketing management program, you can choose to go for a sales profile if you have extraordinary communication skills and you don’t wish to do a monotonous desk job. Otherwise, many other doors are open for you. This includes branding, developing marketing strategies, customer relationships, print media, entertainment, promotions, etc. In case you are a more creatively inclined person, you can opt for writing or advertising.
A student with PG Diploma in marketing management can work in the research field too if you have an analytical mind and can derive patterns and trends. You need to do introspection, analyze your strengths and think what suits your abilities the best.

Key Benefits of Marketing Management

  • Marketing management is full of challenges and hurdles. However, it is the best career choice for all those want to explore new avenues every day
  • Needless to say that it is a very well paid job
  • You will never have a mundane experience. New things will keep coming your way. You will get opportunities to meet new people and get to study various products and market trends
  • Sales and marketing will continue to be an important function in any organization. Hence, chance of growth are 100%
  • Another key point, working in the marketing field turns you into a more focused and target oriented individual.

There are a number of institutes and B schools providing marketing management. iFEEL Institute for Management at Lonavala, is one of them. Along with the curriculum for PG Diploma in marketing management, it provides a certification in digital marketing which enables the students to get the real picture of the marketing world.

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