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Quality Management Education with PGDM Program

Management education is the key to success and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program is the right way to reach towards the key.

Quality Management Education

iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership), as a young and Best B-School in Pune & Mumbai, is devoted to developing a learning environment that specializes in developing power, business and noteworthy capabilities in its growing business management learners through its full time two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management i.e PGDM program. With the management field going through a level of essential change, the concentration is on progression led way to provide information in the most impressive way that build up the business and leadership features in the learners. The entire learning process is designed around developing opportunities for learners to discover first hand, comprehend from linking with people across various social and business strata and research with opportunities. This inculcates a desire to be amazing, comprehend the treats and complications of economic system.

Although young, this best B-School in India has been recognized at several forums for particular tasks in the company such as developing up of an Advancement Lab: “rain lab”, starting a Worldwide Citizen Leader Program recommended by the Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) and Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). The institute has also been recognized for providing “Value for Money” to the learners and is among the few Organizations in the nation that has particular applications to encourage more women to take up management studies.

iFEEL learners have also been recognized at globally forums on Authority. Situated in soothing and stunning Lonavala, the wide private school feeds the body, mind and soul. This institute is an AICTE accepted Institution and works on providing the industry exposure with the real-time opportunities for them, by enhancing their skills and developing opportunities for them to make use of the same skills in their own exclusive way.

Today’s fast paced global as well as native industry needs individuals with knowledge, quantitative capabilities, strong networking skills and leadership capabilities. It is only PGDM program that allows a student to have essential abilities in all these areas. An effective PGDM student would easily have in an advantage over others.

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