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Rules To Crack Your GD Round!


When it comes to cracking a personal interview or a group discussion for an organization – institute, you are evaluated on more than your bookish knowledge or the percentage your mark sheet holds. Organizations and institutions desire individuals with something more than the pedagogic achievements, the purpose of conducting a group discussion is to evaluate and judge the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of an individual. A student would never realize the reason that, why and how he got into his desired institute or the basis on which he was judged and rejected. Here are some valuable tips to follow before entering the room for group discussion round, which would give you the glimpse of the criteria usually set by the evaluators.

Thing That You Should Always Do-

  • Establish a pattern of an eye contact with the evaluators or judges, so that in a particular manner they become familiar with your face and when you keep your point ahead, they remember you.
  • When you are taking down your points, make sure that you at least have three or more points to say, speaking only one point sometimes leads you to nowhere. This would also show that you are a creative and a versatile
  • Remember to be respectful and gracious when you keep your point, you are there up for a discussion and not an argument. Even if you are an aggressive debater then leave your aggressiveness before you enter the room. Remember that you are not the only person to speak, give chance to other people to speak and instead of being critical, be appreciative.
  • If you are presenting some facts then make sure that you are absolutely confident that you are giving the correct digits because everyone has internet on mobiles these days and you can easily end up making a fool of yourself.
  • Be prepared to speak on any topic and always try to make a sensible point, in the hurry of being the first to speak; do not kill the chance of getting where you want to. Make sure that knowledge is appropriate to answer any question.

Make Sure You DON’T Do This-

  • Make sure you speak your written points, keeping it on a piece of paper is going to take you nowhere
  • Do not interrupt the other person in between, always make sure that you speak only after the person has finished speaking
  • Make an eye contact with the fellow group members while discussing and not only with the evaluators
  • If you are directly addressing someone then instead of using “my friend” politely ask their name
  • Don’t point out someone or bang the desk, you are not there to debate a discussion is never aggressive in nature.

The evaluators judge the candidates on the following grounds:

  • Communication skills
  • Scope of leadership qualities; if the candidate is capable of initiating or giving a direction to the discussion
  • Whether the candidate is a team player or not
  • Judge the area of interest and knowledge, what and how much does a candidate speak.

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