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Selecting the Right Person..!!

“…while extraordinary products and services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time……

Is People”

~Mark Salsbury

As rightly said, the “lifeline of an organization” is its employees. The employees are the ones who are responsible for the overall functioning and success of a business entity. Irrespective of the hierarchy, a satisfied and responsible working capital, always leads an organization towards achievement of their organizational goals, without any hurdles. The Human Resources are the only element that stands the test of time and leads a company to success and vice-versa. Therefore, procurement of an efficient workforce is extremely important for the development of an organization.  Hiring personnel isn’t quite an easy task. En effective recruitment process encompasses various methods and procedures that needs to be undertaken with utmost accuracy. Therefore, possessing an overall knowledge of Human Resources not only is an effective Budget Control practice, but also ensures that you end up hiring the right personnel for your organization.

14 nov ifeel hr blogRecruitment of the right employees is one of the major requirements for the efficient functioning of an organization. But the process of recruitment is quite cumbersome and includes various aspects that one has to be aware of. So, if you want efficient people to work for your organization, you need to be aware of the whole recruitment process and parameters that needs to be kept in mind while hiring the right person.  From a detailed recruitment process, to their training and development and morale boosting, the HR Recruitment includes everything.  Therefore, before you start with the hiring process, you need to possess an extensive knowledge of the same.

iFEEL-Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership has devised certificate programs to specifically provide candidates with a complete knowledge in various aspects of Human Resources. With the certificate course in HR Recruitment Excellence, iFEEL provides candidates with all the necessary knowledge that one requires in order to appoint an efficient workforce in the organization. The curriculum of the program is formulated in a way so as to assure that one gets acquainted with all dimensions of recruitment and is able to appoint employees who strives towards the development of the company.

The curriculum of the program gives a complete knowledge of all aspects of Recruitment, from the Overview, Analysis, Methods and Process of Screening candidates. Hence, the students gain knowledge on the Recruitment Metrics, Competency Model, Job Portals, Knowledge, Skill and Behavioral Filtering, etc. Apart from this, candidates receive training on the Application Tracking System used by Recruitment Agencies. This helps one gain awareness regarding the various platforms from where a candidate can be selected and how these platforms can be effectively used by the employer. Therefore, you will know exactly how and where you can search to hire an efficient workforce. The program provides knowledge regarding the complete interview process and ways in which it should be conducted and also the Post-Selection Phase, which is extremely important in order to form a connectivity between the individual and the organization.

Hence, if you want to recruit the right personnel and ensure an overall development of your organization, the certificate course in HR Recruitment Excellence, in the right pathway for you. So, grab this opportunity and turn yourself into a complete HR professional! Enroll yourself for the program and awaken the successful recruiter in you!

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