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Shaping leaders for tomorrow with PGDM Program

Producing leaders through a well structured management program like Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is the aim of the vibrant B-Schools in India


These days everyone is attempting to gain information from the best of the institutions to stand above the mob. In this highly aggressive business globe, everyone needs to be the prominent because retaining in these growing competitors is not that easy. One has to be ready for the future, thus, qualified leaders of the next day should be developed today.

At iFEEL (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship & Leadership), outstanding management education is offered to bring out the best mangers of the next day. That is the reason why it is considered among the best B-Schools in India. On top of it, iFEEL is one of those institutions which provide an AICTE accepted Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course. This institution is aware of the fact that the PGDM course is not only for those who hold the labeled armor of developer brands, thus the superior education of this B-School is offered at a price which does not affect a person’s wallet.

The pedagogies of teachers at this AICTE approved institution give a new side of studying. The training system is such that it maintains a great level of knowing of the extensive styles and characteristics of the expert business globe. The main aim of this best B-School in Mumbai & Pune is to inform together the theoretical fundamentals and practical skills. This makes the student well qualified about the industry pattern and corporate life.

The enhancing PGDM program is of 2 years. Thus, after the completion of first year, learners are revealed to the business enterprise during their summer internship which is an 8 to 10 week’s program. Thus, learners are presented to the aggressive professional globe in such a way that they are ready to defeat the challenges. Also, the program is designed at synergizing theoretical information and realistic skills to advertise all-round expert proficiency. The directing viewpoint of this organization is impacting and advertising value based growth.

iFEEL fits young thoughts into practical and intelligent experts and make them ready to begin upon complicated professions. In its effort to quality, the B-School endeavor to inform and develop the learners in the best possible experiential studying situation to face the difficulties of the business enterprise.

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