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Why Students Choose an AICTE Approved College?

Are you planning to take admission in a management college? Do you aim for the best? Every management aspirant looks for certain qualities before enrolling in a management college. One of the most important criteria is that the college or institute must be AICTE approved. AICTE approval is more important thanfees or the subjects offered. An AICTE approved PGDM institute is given more preference over others.

What does it mean by AICTE approved?

AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is an advisory body which plays a very important role in the development of technical education throughout the country. AICTE has laid down certain norms and standards to promote quality education in India. AICTE grants approval for starting new technical institutions and for the introduction of new courses or programs in consultation with the agencies concerned.

Now, UGC (University Grants Commission) is different from AICTE. UGC approves universities in the country and grant funds for affiliated universities and colleges. The AICTE is only a statutory body, which deals with the development and proper planning of the technical education system in the country.

Why is AICTE approval mandatory?

If you are studying in a deemed university (not an affiliated college) which is approved by UGC, your course need not be AICTE approved. It will not create any problem for you. The reason is that a university which is approved by UGC does not require AICTE approval. A UGC recognized university can start any management program without prior approval of AICTE through its main campus only by maintaining minimum standards of education as laid down by AICTE.

A college must be necessarily approved by AICTE, in case you are not studying in the campus of the university. If you are studying in a college and it is not approved by AICTE, then it can create lot of problems. For e.g. you will not be considered for government jobs. You may be declined a private job too, even if you have secured extremely good grades and had a supersonic performance throughout.

Your degree will not be considered valid by the recruiters. Many reputed organizations opt for students from affiliated colleges. Hence, a number of students urge an AICTE approved PGDM institute to pursue management education.

Why AICTE approval required for PGDM colleges?

Students always want to get their management degree from an AICTE approved PGDM institute. All the students aim to be placed in a well known company. Additionally, many students aspire to go overseas for work or further studies. Your degree is considered to be valid only if your college is AICTE approved. If not, you are not eligible for an overseas job or education.

A number of colleges in India are getting AICTE approvals to attract students. You will find many AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Pune and Mumbai. It is highly recommended that if you aim to work for a regarded organization on a decent pay scale, choose the right kind of college. Most importantly, make sure that it is AICTE approved.

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