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How Students can benefit from the PGDM Course offered by IFEEL?

PGDM course

iFEEL Institute of Management offers a 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM course. This residential B-school at Lonavala has adopted certain innovative teaching methods to make the students industry-ready. The curriculum of the PGDM program is designed in such a way that it aligns with the ongoing business trends. This is because iFEEL believes that industries do not need only leaders, ...

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Tips to Survive and Succeed in an MBA or PGDM Program

MBA or PGDM Program

Are you enrolling in a PGDM program this year or already a part of it? It is not so easy to stay motivated and perform consistently throughout the course. Students are very excited when they join, but gradually they lose motivation. Some of them are able to handle the pressure while others fail to get impressive grades. Placement season does ...

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What is the Right Age to Begin a PGDM Program?

Right Age to Begin a PGDM Program

PGDM program is basically for those people who want to achieve a leadership position in the corporate world. Students with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management often work at executive positions in the beginning of their career and reach the top level management after a few years of experience. If you aspire to reach a higher position in a company ...

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Demand for PGDM Course in India

2 year PGDM course

A number of PGDM colleges have mushroomed in the country during the last decade. Employers in India and overseas, are on a lookout for PGDM graduates. People perceive a PGDM course, as an entry pass to some of the top notch corporate companies. What is PGDM Program? Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year course for graduate students. Unlike ...

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5 Reasons to do a PGDM Course

PGDM course in pune

Are you unsure about your career after graduation? You will come across a number of options, opportunities and suggestions. One of the most lucrative career options is PGDM. (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) It is not only rewarding, but also well aligned with the current industry trends. A number of colleges in India offer PGDM, but making the right choice ...

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Admission and Selection Procedure for PGDM Course at iFEEL

selection procedure at iFEEL

Do you aspire to study PGDM at iFEEL Institute of Management Studies? Are you trying to get an admission? It is obvious that you might be finding the situation very chaotic at this point. In reality, iFEEL follows a very simple step-by-step procedure for selection and admission. What is the selection process of iFEEL? Initially the aspirant can purchase the ...

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5 Qualities Students look for in a Management College

Are you a management aspirant? Do you urge to be at the top notch position in a leading company? The first step towards climbing the corporate ladder is an entry into a well-known B-school. Now, what is that any student looks for before he enrolls in a management college? Accreditation and certification of the management institute Any management institute must ...

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Be An Management Expert With Best PGDM Course

Pick up any organization from any business journo. Each one has one thing in common and in top most priority. The word is Management. The smallest business enterprise also needs high managerial skills to survive in the market. Management is not just a word. It is a practice which should be followed religiously. Make it your god, and see how ...

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iFEEL’s Awards and Accolades

When iFEEL started its journey in the journo of Education, no one knew how high its success would go. But iFEEL did surprise its competitors by being one of the top best institutes for management studies. Let’s have a look at the commendable Achievements of iFEEL so far, because there are many more to come in its bag in the ...

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